Vaccine against Covid-19: G20 countries called on to supplement the WHO fund

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres during a virtual press conference on November 20, 2020, ahead of the G20 meeting in Riyadh.


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While the G20 is meeting virtually this weekend in the midst of an economic and health emergency, it will be asked to contribute to the WHO fund and fill a shortfall of 4.5 billion dollars, in particular to distribute vaccines against the coronavirus.


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With our correspondent in New York,

Carrie Nooten

Ahead of the virtual summit, two heads of government, the president of the European Union and the director of the WHO, wrote to the current president of the G20, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, asking the group to commit this weekend. end to fund the


to the tune of 4.5 billion dollars (3.8 billion euros approximately).

This international cooperation mechanism must ensure that developed countries do not monopolize treatments, tests and vaccines against the coronavirus.

Lack of 28 billion


For seven months, 10 billion dollars have been invested to develop vaccines, diagnostics, therapies.

But 28 billion are missing, including 4.2 billion before the end of the year,

said Antonio Guterres, the UN secretary general.

These funds are fundamental for the industrialization, transport and supply of vaccines against Covid-19.

The G20 countries have the means, and I urge them to support the ACT-Accelerator. 


One hundred and sixty countries

One hundred and sixty countries have already committed to the fund and Antonio Guterres hopes that members of the G20 who are not yet will soon become members.


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