The company behind the taxi app Uber will not be given permission to fire approximately ten employees at the international headquarters in Amsterdam.

The UWV has decided this, the FNV union confirms after reporting from



For the majority of employees, the verdict comes too late: they would have already left under pressure.

The American company was dismissed in Amsterdam in June because its turnover suffered from the corona crisis.

Worldwide, 6,700 Uber jobs were at risk as revenue from taxi rides at the company fell dramatically.

Uber reported the collective dismissal to the UWV, but meanwhile put employees individually under pressure to resign in exchange for generous financial compensation, according to research by


Only twelve employees ultimately refused to sign the individual agreements.

The rest left with an arrangement.

The UWV has now ruled that Uber was unable to demonstrate the necessity of the collective dismissal.

The employees involved have been informed about this by the UWV, writes


and Amrit Sewgobind of FNV confirms to

The UWV itself says it will not respond to individual dismissal cases.

Smart way to get around employment law

According to the UWV, Uber could not sufficiently demonstrate that the work reduction at the company is of a structural nature.

The UWV would also point to statements by Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi.

He has told the staff several times that the revenue decline is not going as fast as expected, NRC writes.

According to him, the company also dealt with redundancies "more strictly" than "absolutely necessary".

It is allowed to offer individual departure contracts, but critics see it as a way to circumvent Dutch employment law, the


has previously written.

By buying off the employees one by one with a higher compensation than is possible via the UWV, Uber avoids the usual test of the UWV, which checks whether the dismissal is justified at all.

The fact that the UWV now rules that the substantiation of the dismissal of the twelve employees is rattling, means that this "in our opinion also applies to the people who have signed the individual agreements", says Sewgobind.

In a response, Uber does not respond to the UWV's judgment, but says it has made the decision "as a result of the dramatic impact of the pandemic and the unpredictable nature of a possible recovery".

Rectification: An earlier version of the message stated that Uber had not been granted permission to fire two hundred employees.

That was not correct and has been adjusted.