Moderna boss Stéphane Bancel sees his company in negotiations with the EU Commission for the delivery of vaccine against Covid-19 shortly before the goal.

"Nothing has actually been signed yet, but we are about to conclude with the EU Commission," he said in an interview with WELT AM SONNTAG.

"We want to supply Europe and are having constructive talks." It is "only a matter of days" before the contract is signed.

One of the points in the negotiations was the reservation fee.

The company had previously agreed with other governments on such a vaccine reservation fee.

Bancel confirmed that Moderna plans to produce 20 million doses of its own vaccine by the end of the year.

A “small part” will also be available in Europe this year.


He put the price per dose of vaccine at 25 to 37 dollars, depending on the size of the order.

"That's a fair price when you consider the cost to the health system when a person becomes seriously ill with Covid-19," he said.

"We are not interested in the maximum profit."

The fact that the two competitors Biontech and Pfizer had applied for an emergency approval for their vaccine candidate in the USA on Friday was good news for him.

“I am happy for Biontech.

Our goal has never been to cross the finish line first.

But to bring a good vaccine on the market, ”said Bancel.

"We need a lot of good vaccines to overcome this pandemic."


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