"Peatix" Up to 6.77 million information leaked Whether including Utsunomiya meal ticket purchasers November 18, 6:50


"Peatix", which sells tickets online, revealed that up to 6.77 million pieces of information such as user names, email addresses, and passwords were leaked due to unauthorized access from the outside.

This may include purchasers of meal vouchers sold by Utsunomiya City to support restaurants.

The leak of personal information was revealed by "Peatix," which is headquartered in the United States and handles online ticket sales and event introductions.

According to the announcement, on the 9th of this month, it was found that user information may have been retrieved. According to a survey, from 16th to 17th of last month, there was unauthorized access from the outside, and up to 6.77 million pieces of information including personal information such as user's name, email address, encrypted password were extracted. about it. No leaks of credit card information, addresses, or phone numbers have been confirmed.

According to Utsunomiya City, more than 11,000 people purchased premium meal tickets sold by the city from June to September to support restaurants whose management has deteriorated due to the effects of the new coronavirus. It means that it may be included.

The company is taking steps to enhance security and requires users to reset their passwords.

Peatix commented on his homepage, "We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and concern."

The telephone number for inquiries set up for users is 0120-331-367, and it is accepted from 10 am to 6 pm.