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Friday last week, the government announced a regulation to collect the loan if you buy a house within a year after receiving over 100 million won in credit.

It will take effect on the 30th, and credit loans are rapidly increasing as the so-called'last car demand' is coming.

This is a report by Park Chan-geun.


A 30-year-old office worker opened a'Minus Passbook' on Friday last week as soon as the government's measures were announced.

[Mr. A/30's office worker: There is no place to use it in a hurry, but I got it the most.

I got it in a hurry because I was impatient that the door would be narrowed by government regulations.] Some

people hurried to find a bank because they tried to buy a house with insufficient funds through credit loans, but the new regulations might interfere with financing.

[B's / 30 workers: there are trying to get any credit in home prices rising much, (regulations) I think that the disadvantage to those who want to buy his first house]

announced a credit control measures by the last 13 days For the next four days, despite Saturday and Sunday, the credit loans of the five commercial banks increased by over 1 trillion won.

This is an unusual increase, considering that credit loans decreased significantly during the same period a week ago.

It is estimated that there is a considerable demand for singers to receive and see in advance due to anxiety that they do not know when and what regulations will come out again.

If you buy a house in a regulated area within a year after receiving a credit loan of over 100 million won starting on the 30th, the credit will be recovered.

High-income families with an annual income of over 80 million won are subject to stricter regulations on the total debt repayment ratio, reducing the amount of money that can be borrowed.

Until the new credit lending regulations are implemented, inquiries and prerequisite requests are expected to continue.

(Video editing: Seunghee Lee, VJ: Hyunwoo Park, CG: Yoojin Lee)