Over 15 million products are sold at discounted prices and the total transaction volume of major e-commerce companies exceeds 700 billion yuan

"Double 11" made the world "shock its chin" again (International Forum)

  The Chinese consumer market in November is too hot!

The grand gathering of thousands of businessmen at the 3rd China International Import Expo is still in sight, and the annual "Double 11" shopping carnival is coming on again.

  US media reported that during this year's "Double 11" shopping festival, China's major e-commerce platforms offered discounts on more than 15 million products, from more than 140,000 brands, including more than 60,000 international brands.

At a time when the shadow of the global epidemic has not subsided and the world economy is facing uncertainties, the world's largest online shopping carnival has come as scheduled, and e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and JD.com have once again set record turnover.

As foreign media said, through this carnival, global businessmen ushered in the opportunity of "recovering blood", the world economy gained momentum for recovery, and the international community saw a good sign of China's economic development.

  The surging enthusiasm of the Chinese market has brought warmth to the world economy under the haze of the epidemic.

  "Not just a discount shopping event"

  Before this year’s "Double 11" shopping festival, the results of a survey released by the American consulting company Arrowboll "spoiled" the rising enthusiasm of Chinese consumers in advance: 96% of respondents plan to participate in this year's "Double 11" event. 39% of respondents will increase spending this year.

  On November 11th, as record numbers followed one after another, major foreign media were amazed by China's consumption boom.

  "2.25 billion orders", the German "Der Spiegel" website reported that as of 11 pm on November 11, only the Tmall "Double 11" event logistics orders exceeded 2.25 billion orders, equivalent to 2010 China The total amount of express delivery.

CNN quoted Alibaba’s statistics as saying that as of 0:30 on November 11, Tmall’s “Double 11” sales had reached 372.3 billion yuan, breaking the record of last year’s “Double 11” all day. Record.

In the end, this year's "Double 11" major e-commerce transactions exceeded 774.7 billion yuan, achieving substantial growth compared with previous years.

  In addition to staggering numbers, the "Double 11", which has reached its 12th year, has shown many "new tricks" this year, which has also been talked about by foreign media.

  The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) pointed out that in order to cater to the increasing demand of Chinese consumers, this year's "Double 11" shopping festival has set off an online sales boom from November 1st to 3rd.

The Associated Press has also noticed that Chinese e-commerce platforms have extended the time of this year's "Double 11" shopping festival, hoping to boost sales and help businesses cope with the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

  While stretching the front line, this year's "Double 11" shopping festival also appeared in a richer form of promotional activities.

US "Forbes" reported that many Chinese e-commerce companies have adopted multi-stage and diversified promotional strategies, which further stimulated the enthusiasm of consumers.

The promotion of models such as pre-sale and live broadcast has also become an important driving force for transaction growth.

  The American Consumer News and Business Channel published an article that live broadcast has become a key part of the "Double 11" shopping festival.

Some American companies that participated in China's "Double 11" shopping festival for the first time this year also chose to use live broadcasts to promote their products.

  "It's not just a promotion:'Double 11' is introducing a new shopping experience in China." The official website of the US Global Market Research Company stated in an article on this topic. Today's "Double 11" is no longer just a discount shopping event. Participate in the event Of digital giants are beginning to use live broadcasts, new product launches and novel technologies to enhance consumer engagement and shopping experience.

Foreign media believe that Chinese consumers are accepting technological innovation much faster than in the West.

Technology changes lives. This is the best interpretation of the change in Chinese lifestyle.

  "A sign of stronger consumer willingness"

  To foreign media, one of the important reasons why the annual "Double 11" shopping festival is worthy of attention is that it provides an important window for observing China's economy. Behind the constantly refreshing transaction volume is China's strong consumption potential and surging. Market vitality.

  As CNN said, this year's "Double 11" shopping festival has a new meaning compared to the past. The huge sales reflects that the Chinese economy is getting rid of the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and is gradually recovering.

The outstanding sales performance of major e-commerce platforms demonstrates the strong purchasing power of Chinese consumers and also reflects the scientific and effective response of the Chinese government to the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

  "'Double 11' will be a good indicator to show the health of the overall Chinese market." The US Market Observation website quoted analysts as saying: "The Chinese market seems to be advancing by leaps and bounds."

  In late October, the National Bureau of Statistics of China announced a good news that boosted the confidence of the world under the haze of the epidemic: China's GDP in the third quarter increased by 4.9% year-on-year, and economic growth in the first three quarters turned from negative to positive.

In less than a month, the excellent "report card" handed over in China's "Double 11" shopping festival once again let the world see the quality of the world's second largest economy.

  Reuters pointed out that this year's "Double 11" shopping festival can be seen as a sign of Chinese consumers' willingness to spend.

This shopping feast demonstrates that after China emerges from the shadow of the epidemic, its potential for consumption and economic recovery is huge.

  According to Bloomberg, the "Double 11" shopping festival is the "best barometer" of China's economic recovery in the post-epidemic period so far. It not only heralds the return of Chinese consumers, but also a good omen for China's economy, and promotes China's economy for consumer spending. Development provides further evidence.

  The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held in late October proposed to accelerate the formation of a new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual cycles promoted.

Foreign media believe that since global demand may still be affected by the epidemic for a period of time in the future, increasing domestic consumption will be the key to a more self-reliant Chinese economy.

The soaring sales of this year's "Double 11" shopping festival showed that China's 400 million middle class is ready for consumption.

  The South Korean News Agency stated that with the "Double 11" shopping festival as an opportunity, China is entering a new era of consumption.

"The Hindu" believes that the boom in online shopping on Double 11 shows the key to China's efforts to elevate domestic consumption as a driver of economic growth.

  “Many merchants in China have turned to online sales during the epidemic, and some new retail models have flourished.” Singapore’s “Straits Times” quoted the judgment of rating agency Fitch International as saying: “In faster offline recovery and online shopping festivals With the support of boosting consumer spending, China’s consumer and retail markets are likely to end the year in a strong (fourth quarter)."

  "The global supply chain is moving"

  Like the third CIIE that just ended, the "Double 11" shopping festival showed the world China's huge purchasing power.

For global companies, this means an irresistible attraction.

  "Forbes" magazine pointed out that the "Double 11" shopping festival is going global, becoming a global marketing activity actively participated by retailers from all over the world.

South Korea’s KBS also stated that global companies, including South Korean companies, are closely monitoring the recovery of China’s domestic demand market and hope to continue to expand their sales in China, the world’s largest consumer market.

  Data shows that this year, more than 2,600 new brands and 1.2 million imported new products participated in the "Double 11" shopping festival for the first time through Tmall Global.

From November 1st to 11th at 12:00 noon, the turnover of Tmall international imported goods increased by 47.3% year-on-year, of which 180 overseas brands had a turnover of over 10 million yuan.

  The BBC bluntly stated that “seizing the Chinese market” has become the consensus of more and more overseas brands. They are fighting with all their strength, and they will not hesitate to dispatch all kinds of transportation capacity to transfer goods across the border to bring consumers preferential treatment on November 11.

  According to the US "Washington Post", "Double 11" is not only a Chinese holiday, but also a world holiday.

While most parts of the world are still struggling with the epidemic, Europe and the United States are at the peak of the second wave of epidemics, and China has become the world's only major growth engine.

Companies from all over the world count on Chinese consumers to help them "recover blood."

  "Almost all major consumer sectors in China have now resumed growth." The Wall Street Journal of the United States stated that with the surge in new coronary pneumonia cases suppressing demand in the United States and Europe, China is supporting US companies to cope with this situation, and China is back to normal It is even more important for American companies.

  The US MarketWatch pointed out that as one of the busiest online shopping festivals of the year, the scale and scope of the "Double 11" shopping festival continue to expand, which will inject a boost to the weak global market.

With the increasing purchasing power of Chinese people and the increasing number of people surfing the Internet, the "Double 11" shopping festival highlights attractive growth opportunities for investors seeking to profit from the booming Internet and e-commerce fields.

  The "Double 11" shopping festival is a microcosm.

As the only major economy in the world that has achieved positive growth after the epidemic, China has accelerated the formation of a "dual cycle" new development pattern, insisted on advancing a higher level of opening up, and provided new impetus for the global economic recovery.

As the British "Financial Times" stated, in recent months, while European companies have struggled to get rid of the continuing domestic economic drag, strong demand from China has promoted their development.

  "Forbes" magazine also said that due to the strong consumer demand in the Chinese market, many overseas brands have taken advantage of the Chinese market to usher in a turning point, and the global supply chain has "moved".

  Our reporter Yan Yu