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is now an era in which artificial intelligence and AI design clothes that will sell well and choose shoes that fit well.

Wouldn't the day come when you miss the time when you made clothes with warm hands and picked shoes?

This is Lee Sung-hoon.


[We are introducing the second hood product.


(Yes.)] It

looks no different from other apparel sales broadcasts, but all clothes sold here are designed by artificial intelligence and AI.

[Cheetah/Singer (AI Design Clothing Model): (AI)) Starts with trends and colors, analyzes everything from'what design did sell well' and continues to select.


I presented a picture to the AI ​​designer.

Based on this image, we come up with hundreds of clothes in just one second.

[Some of them make patterns, and some come out like patches.]

AI designers analyze patterns, colors, and materials of clothing around the world online, and then sketch themselves by referring to materials such as lookbooks, and they are ready to go into production. Is high.

[Shin Ki-young/AI Fashion Design Startup Representative: One of the valuable things (AI) is that people see things that people can't see.

Images of runways around the world, materials of clothes, and even data like this.


When you put your foot in a white box installed in a shoe store, it automatically measures your foot length and foot ball width.

Directly through the app, AI recommends various brands of sneakers, which fits perfectly without error.

[Kim Seung-Hyun/Seoul Gangdong-gu: Each product has different sizes and designs, so it can be a little confusing. If you recommend this, I think you can buy the right size.] It is good that

shoe sellers can reduce the return rate.

[Woojin Hwang / Vice President of AI Fashion Tech Startup: We are collecting fit data that says'this size fits'.

In the case of foot data, more than 200,000 data are used.]

Other online fashion companies are expected to use AI in the fashion industry to increase their use of artificial intelligence, such as introducing a service that recommends clothes by analyzing consumers' search patterns. is.

(Video editing: Park Ki-duk, VJ: Jung Min-gu)