Reuters reported that General Motors (GM), an American automobile company, decided to recall an electric vehicle equipped with a Korean battery because of the risk of fire.

The recall targets are Chevrolet Volt electric vehicles produced between 2017 and 2019, and about 68,600 models containing LG Chem's batteries.

Of these, about 5,900 were sold in the United States, and some were reportedly sold in Korea.

Reuters reported that the high-voltage battery installed in the Volt EV was produced at the Ochang plant of LG Chem.

GM has decided to limit the battery charge to 90% until the exact cause of the fire is found, saying there is a risk of fire when the car's battery is fully charged or near 100% charge.

Software updates that limit battery charge will be implemented at each reseller starting next week.

Battery maker LG Chem said, "The cause of the fire is being investigated by the US authorities, and accurate investigation results should be provided to determine what is the problem." Said.

Previously, some electric car models of BMW, Ford, and Hyundai were recalled due to fire risk.

Samsung SDI is the battery manufacturer installed in vehicles recalled by Ford and BMW.