The Dutch have paid less with their debit card since the beginning of the fourth quarter than before, according to the latest figures from ING on Friday.

Since the new quarter, the total value of debit card transactions has been about 9 percent lower than normal.

In the third quarter, 2 percent less was paid by debit card than normal.

The decrease can mainly be explained by the return of the partial lockdown.

Since mid-October it has simply become more difficult to pay by card, because shops close earlier and catering establishments had to close their doors.

At the beginning of November, the partial lockdown was tightened up slightly, by closing cinemas, theaters and animal parks, among other things.

The latter sector, which at ING is called recreation and culture, is therefore hit hardest.

Due to the partial lockdown, debit card payments fell by 50 percent after mid-October.

The debit card was drawn even less often after the stricter measures of 3 November, when events were completely banned: since the beginning of November, debit card transactions in that sector have been 75 percent lower.