Special system for supporting regional financial institutions of the Bank of Japan Top regional banks I would like to apply November 11, 18:39

Regarding the special system to support regional financial institutions that the Bank of Japan has decided to introduce, Yasuyoshi Oya, president of Concordia Financial Group, which owns the Bank of Yokohama, said at a press conference, "The economic benefits are great. I want to take on the challenge, "he said, and expressed his intention to apply if the system was actually introduced.

On the 10th, the Bank of Japan decided to introduce a special system to support regional financial institutions, which continue to face a difficult business environment due to the effects of the new coronavirus.

If local banks and credit unions that are trying to strengthen their management base through cost reductions and business integration meet certain requirements, they will pay an additional interest rate of 0.1% per year to the current deposits deposited with the Bank of Japan.

Regarding this, Yasuyoshi Oya, president of Concordia Financial Group, which owns the Bank of Yokohama and the Higashi-Nippon Bank, said at a press conference on the announcement of interim financial results on the 11th, "Amid sluggish lending rates, the special system is now in the present era. It suits the situation, "he said, and evaluated the BOJ's response.

On top of that, President Oya said, "The economic benefits of the system are great and I would like to take on the challenge." He stated that he would like to apply if it is actually introduced.

However, regarding whether or not to take another reorganization following the introduction of the system, he said, "I think there is no point in doing it if the reorganization is not worth it, and it is unlikely that the system will trigger the reorganization." did.