Because the Netherlands is again in partial lockdown, the number of collective labor agreements that are concluded is stagnating again.

In the collective labor agreements that have been concluded, an average wage increase of 1.7 percent has been agreed.

That is a much smaller wage increase than before the corona crisis, employers' organization AWVN reports Wednesday.

Nineteen collective labor agreements were renewed in October.

There are still quite a few for this year, since there were months in which hardly any agreements were made.

But compared to other years, the number is small.

"The cao negotiations that have just started hesitantly again are stagnating", according to the AWVN.

225 collective labor agreements have now expired.

"AWVN previously foresaw that the number of new collective labor agreements would increase sharply this autumn."

The partial lockdown and the associated uncertainty will, according to the AWVN, still stand in the way of catching up in the coming weeks.

The AWVN also concludes that the efforts of employers and employees are far apart.

According to the employers' club, the unions often aim for a 5 percent wage increase.

Before the corona crisis, an upward trend in wage agreements was visible and the wage increase was around 3 percent.

In 2020, 128 new collective labor agreements have been concluded so far.

In a normal year there are more than 260 around this time.