This year's "Double 11" shopping festival has a new hot scene——

Rapid changes in new consumer formats and new models

  Li Hualin, reporter of Economic Daily and China Economic Net

  This year's "Double 11" shopping festival, behind the continuous record data, reflects the continuous recovery of domestic consumption, and it is showing an iterative upgrade trend.

The shopping festival has produced a variety of new consumption scenarios and derives more new consumption patterns, demonstrating my country's economic potential, resilience, and vitality.

  In the first 111 minutes, 100 brands sold over 100 million yuan, and the order was received within 5 minutes. The first wave of sales in the "Double 11" shopping festival this year was launched, and the sales and logistics speed set new records. Huge consumption enthusiasm is coming.

  The "Double 11" shopping festival under the normalization of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is expected to promote consumption replenishment and release consumption potential, and its performance has also become a vane of domestic consumption recovery.

Through this window, it can be clearly seen that the current consumption structure in my country is continuously optimized and upgraded, new consumption formats and models are rapidly changing, and the vigorous digital economy and huge domestic demand are continuously recovering.

  The consumption structure continues to upgrade

  This year's "Double 11" shopping festival kicked off ahead of schedule, divided into two sales periods from November 1st to 3rd and November 11th.

The zero-point sale started on November 1, and the major e-commerce platforms ushered in the peak of transactions.

In the first minute of the opening on Tmall, the turnover of Adidas broke 100 million yuan. As of 1:51, 100 brands quickly entered the "100 million yuan club."

  Behind the continuous record-setting data, it highlights the continuous recovery of domestic consumption and the trend of iterative upgrading.

Healthy consumption has become a new trend in consumption, and healthy and smart home products are welcomed.

On November 1 alone, the sales of Suning Tesco's knife cutting board disinfection machine increased by 543% year-on-year, the sales of large-capacity sterilization and drying washing machines increased by nearly 200% year-on-year, and the sales of multi-door fresh-keeping sterilization refrigerators increased by 133% year-on-year.

  Consumption of new products has also become a highlight of this "Double 11".

From mobile phone digital, home appliances, beauty and skin care to shoes, bags and apparel, more and more brands choose to release new products around November.

Huawei's Mate40 series went on sale for the first time on October 30. The first round of products quickly sold out, and the bookings on platform exceeded one million.

"Double 11" is bidding farewell to the end-of-year clearance in the traditional sense and becoming the largest new product launch node in the year.

  Some new national brands that are committed to innovation are also looking for new growth points through "Double 11", winning favor with elements such as trendy design and technological core.

At the special venue for Tmall's new brand, on November 1st, there were more than 1,800 new brands with more than 1,800 new brand turnover surpassing last year's "Double 11" whole day.

  "Different from the single point emergence in previous years, this year's new brand is a phenomenal explosion." The person in charge of the new brand business of Tmall said that the growth rate of the new brand of Tmall Shang Guochao from 0 to 1 is becoming faster and faster. Behind this is Consumers' recognition of Guochao's new brand, especially the way of life represented by Guochao's new brand.

  Consumer experience continues to enrich

  Live shopping, AR try-on, 3D shopping...This year's "Double 11", the new consumption scenes of major e-commerce companies expanded again, bringing consumers a rich consumption experience.

  Following the anchor to buy things in the live broadcast room has become the "standard configuration" of the shopping festival.

This year's "Double 11", major e-commerce companies actively deployed live broadcasts.

According to data from Taobao, the pre-sale volume brought by the live broadcast on October 21 for 10 minutes exceeded that of the entire day of "Double 11" last year, an increase of 4 times.

  Personalized and customized consumption has become a trend, and C2M (reverse customization) is sought after.

Backed by big data, C2M can accurately transmit consumer needs to upstream manufacturing companies and develop products that can better meet market needs.

  Data from shows that reverse customization of computer digital products such as gaming notebooks, gaming desktops, and Type-C high-definition displays has become the mainstream.

On November 1st, the sales event opened for 10 minutes, and the turnover of JD’s computer digital game desktops increased by 220% year-on-year, of which over 70% of the sales came from JD’s C2M model reverse customized products.

  "In the past'Double 11', consumers bought what merchants sold. In today's'Double 11', companies make what consumers want." Gaming desktop manufacturers said that C2M gave retail companies their own development. Brands provide new opportunities to shorten the intermediate links of the supply chain, smooth the demand side and the production side, and improve the quality and level of industrial development.

  Consumption scenarios continue to extend

  This year's "Double 11", online gameplay is more abundant, online and offline integration is also accelerating, retail boundaries between different scenarios are broken.

Hundreds of millions of "final money people" are not only busy emptying their online shopping carts, but also igniting offline consumption.

  The extension of the consumption scene continues to expand.

Ali will connect Alipay to takeaway, food, hotel and other businesses to create an entrance to local life scenes. launched the "All-channel Wandian Carnival", and nearly 1 million stores covered by it participated in the "Double 11" sales.

Suning launched a 10 billion yuan subsidy, "J-10%" and other money-saving programs, the scope of subsidies touched offline for the first time.

According to data, from October 30 to November 3, Suning Carrefour's omni-channel GMV increased by 39% year-on-year, and home order service orders increased by 405% year-on-year.

  Small and medium-sized businesses in various industrial belts also use the "Double 11" to accelerate their "blood replenishment".

Tmall has increased its support for "factory goods" this year, introducing flow support and production area subsidies, and jointly issuing targeted consumer vouchers with local governments.

  In the past, the home improvement industry, which was difficult to “go online” due to factors such as “emphasis on experience”, “emphasis on offline”, and “non-standard products”, this year, with the help of Tmall’s “light shop” and 3D technology, successfully joined the “Double 11” sales and will The traffic was introduced offline, and sales increased substantially.

In Tmall Mall, when consumers search for home improvement products, the products in nearby Tmall "light shops" will be displayed first.

At the same time, consumers can also experience real-life shopping in Tmall's 3D virtual home improvement city, check physical store products, match them independently, and shop with one click.

  Under the epidemic situation, this year's "Double 11" shopping festival produced a variety of new consumption scenarios, deriving more rich and interesting new consumption patterns, which not only made more contributions to the full release of consumption potential and further stimulated domestic demand, but also demonstrated once again Our country has a good economic potential, great resilience, and strong vitality.

  Li Hualin