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celebration of the 50th anniversary of the late Jeon Tae-il's death, the labor community is launching a legislative movement for the so-called'Jeon Tae-il 3 Act'.

As we reported yesterday (10th), Article 11 of the Labor Standards Act was revised, which prevented some of the Labor Standards Act from being applied to workplaces with fewer than 5 employees, and Article 2 of the Labor Union Act was changed to guarantee the right of indirectly employed non-regular and specially employed workers to establish a union. Also, there are three ways to enact the severe disaster corporate punishment law.

Among them, this time, we will tell you the stories of delivery riders and couriers that are difficult to exercise legitimate labor rights due to the restrictions of Article 2 of the Labor Union Act.

This is reporter Je Hee-won.


Lunch delivery time for Hong Hyun-deok, a 3rd year delivery worker.

As soon as you open the smartphone app, a list of calls pops up.

[Hong Hyeon-deok/Delivery worker: The closest thing to me is 2.4 km.

Now it changes again.]

Earlier this year, the company introduced a system that allows artificial intelligence to select delivery workers in the name of improving the safety and dispatch efficiency of delivery workers.

However, it is said that there has been an increase in allocating places that do not match the traffic line or cannot arrive within the expected time.

[Hong Hyeon-deok / Delivery worker: (Where are you going from where?) From Hwagok-dong to Sinwol-dong.


can't go in 9 minutes.]

As a result, I tend to drive too hard and the safety is farther away.

In particular, AI dispatching obscured the workers who were commanded and supervised by users.

[Hong Hyeon-deok / Delivery worker: AI calls me to go.

This is a work order.

At the same time, it is the platform company's position that it will not recognize workers at all.]

Due to the narrow definition of'workers' in Article 2 of the Labor Union Act, these are not the only special employees who are still in the blind spot of the labor rights.

Some courier companies have declared night delivery bans, but agencies that actually employ courier workers may urge you to "just do not report" or "process as delivered at 9:30 pm."

This is due to the relationship between the original office, that is, a contract with an agency rather than a courier company.

[Hanjin Courier's article: Nothing has changed.

(The company seemed to be talking about 1,000 people, but there was nothing to say.]

[Jung Byeong-wook/Overworked Corps Attorney: If you are in a real command and supervision relationship, you can take responsibility as an


.] The

basic labor rights of specially employed workers


There has been a strong demand for amendment to Article 2 of the Trade Union Act in order to guarantee this, but the National Assembly has not moved much.

(Video coverage: Kim Hak-mo, Video editing: Kim Jun-hee, CG: Bang Myung-hwan·Jeong Hyun-jung)