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National Tax Service has entered into a tax audit on 3,000 people who are allegedly escaping rental income among multi- or high-priced homeowners.

This is Yoo Deok-ki.


Mr. A, who rents an expensive apartment in Gangnam, Seoul for the purpose of living for foreign employees of the parent company.

Due to the fact that there is no deposit and thus not registering leases, etc., he was caught without reporting hundreds of millions of won monthly rent.

In this way, the National Tax Service has initiated a tax verification on 3,000 people who have high-priced housing or multi-households who have been out of rental income.

In the case of housing rental income of 20 million won or less, which has been temporarily non-taxable for a while, it is to check whether the tax is paid properly as it is fully taxed from this year.

The National Tax Service analyzed all reports of people who rented more than 3 houses or houses with a base price of 900 million won or more through analysis of the tax base and big data that it has secured so far.

We selected cases where the rental income was eliminated when renting a house to a foreigner, reported a small amount of income for receiving a large monthly rent, and cases of high-priced/multi-house rental companies who were suspected of leaving the house.

If there is no rental data such as the date of jeon and monthly rent confirmation, the subject of verification was selected through big data analysis.

In the future, the National Tax Service will inspect registered rental business owners who violate the mandatory rental period or the limit on the increase in rent, and collect the unfairly reduced tax amount.