The turnover of fast food chain McDonald's is almost back to the level of before the corona crisis.

This is mainly due to the Americans: in the US almost 95 percent of the restaurants have a McDrive and they were well attended in the months of July, August and September.

In the third quarter, sales amounted to USD 5.4 billion (more than EUR 4.5 billion), 2 percent less than last year.

In the second quarter there was still a decline of more than 30 percent.

In the US, the McDonald's app was also widely used to have burgers and fries delivered to your home.

A campaign with rapper Travis Scott was such a success that some products were even out of stock for a while.

Outside the US, things are going a lot less well, the group reports on Monday at the presentation of the figures. McDonald's is suffering from the new corona measures in the UK, France and Germany. While in the US there was a revenue increase of 4.6 percent, in the other markets there was a decrease of 10.1 percent.