The re-containment threatens the toy sector, which risks being deprived of 770 million euros in sales if stores cannot reopen before the holiday season.



The re-containment comes just a month and a half before Christmas, a crucial time for the toy industry.

A study by NPD Group published on Monday states that if stores cannot reopen before the holiday season, the sector risks being deprived of 770 million euros in sales.

"While the toy had finally recovered from the losses linked to the first confinement and ended up in the green at the end of October (+ 0.4%), the reconfinement again upsets a fragile balance", underlines a press release from NPD Group.

48% of its annual sales

Between November and December, the toy sector achieves 48% of its annual sales, according to the cabinet.

These sales linked to the end of the year celebrations represent 1.7 billion euros.

“Two thirds of Christmas sales come from hypermarkets / supermarkets and specialist stores,” explains Frédérique Tutt, an expert in the toy sector within the NPD Group, quoted in the press release.

“Of course 'Click and Collect' and online sales remain an option, but this will not be enough to meet demand”.

Because this type of sale requires "more time and staff" to businesses and "carriers will be overloaded", she said.

" The situation is serious "

"The time is serious for the toy sector and the repercussions of this crisis should have a national impact, affecting more particularly local players and small French manufacturers", concludes the cabinet.

The government has imposed the closure of "non-essential" businesses, including toy distributors, as part of the re-containment aimed at combating the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

He then forced large stores to close their “non-essential” shelves in the name of “fairness”.

Faced with this situation, traders from all sectors have stepped up to the plate.

They demand the reopening of all businesses from November 13.


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