With about 413 million transactions, about 5 percent fewer debit card payments were made last month than in October last year.

The pin turnover was higher compared to last year. The Dutch Payments Association announced this on Saturday.

For the whole of 2020 up to and including October, the total number of debit card payments is still approximately 7.5 percent higher than for the same months of 2019. April saw the strongest decrease in the number of debit card payments this year: 10.3 percent less than last year.

The number of debit card payments may have decreased last month, but turnover via debit cards increased by about 7 percent in October to about 11 billion euros.

In September sales were 17.2 percent higher than twelve months previously.

Only in April of this year, turnover also fell, 7.1 percent lower.

July was the month with the strongest revenue increase this year: 22.3 percent higher than last year.

85 percent of all debit card payments at the till are contactless and 15 percent of this is done with a smartphone, smartwatch or a 'wearable'.

The busiest peanut days are Friday and Saturday, the quietest Sunday and Monday.

We usually pay shortly before lunch and between 2.30 pm and 5.30 pm.

A striking conclusion in this time of corona, where we do not go abroad very much, is that there is a lot more debit card payments in the travel industry.

But that is because more debit cards are used in the Netherlands, for example in hotels.

This shows a shift within the industry from payments abroad by credit cards and iDEAL to debit card payments in your own country.