The EU will introduce new import duties for products from the United States next week.

It concerns goods of which the EU imports USD 4 billion (3.36 billion euros) annually.

EU diplomats report this to the


news service


This includes aircraft and parts, as well as a host of other goods, including fruit, nuts, other agricultural products, spirits, casino tables and building materials.

The European taxes are a response to the US decision to impose import tariffs on European products.

The levies are part of a long-standing battle between America and Europe.

They are annoyed by the support they give to their 'own' aircraft manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus respectively.

The European measure comes as no surprise.

It was already known that the EU had plans for the $ 4 billion in levies.

World Trade Organization WTO already gave Europe permission for the import tariffs last month, but Brussels wanted to wait with that until after the elections in the US, which took place last Tuesday.

Now that it seems that the taxes introduced by the US on European products have not been abolished for the time being, the EU wants to continue with the additional taxation of American goods.

Import tariffs will probably be imposed on Tuesday 9 or Wednesday 10 November.