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sky road has shrunk significantly due to Corona 19, and low-cost airlines are continuing to resume flights to Japan as both Korea and Japan have implemented special immigration procedures for businesses.

Reporter Deok-ki Yoo reports.


Jeju Air will resume operations on the Incheon-Tokyo route, which was suspended in August, from the 21st.

It operates every Saturday, once a week.

[Jeju Airlines officials: To increase the convenience of those who use for business purposes or for long-term stays such as expatriates or international students...


T'way Air has resumed its operation once a week on the Incheon-Osaka route from yesterday (5th) and the Incheon-Tokyo route from today.

It's been eight months since it stopped operating due to Corona in March.

With the start of special entry, a company between Korea and Japan, from last month, there is an expectation that the number of passengers on that route will increase, and not only large airlines but also low-cost airlines will resume flights to Japan one after another.

Special entry for businessmen applies only to entry for business purposes, and public transportation is prohibited for 14 days after arrival in Japan.

As the number of arrival airports is limited to two locations in Tokyo and Osaka, there is a limit to the number of passengers for airlines, and it is still difficult for tourists to travel to Japan as both Korea and Japan have maintained a mutually halted visa-free entry.

[Huh Hee-young/Professor, Department of Business Administration, Korea Aerospace University: If you can secure even a little cash flow, launching an airplane is now...

The key is how many travelers will come out (in the long term).] The

airline industry is only looking at the conclusion of the'Travel Bubble', an agreement between countries that exempts tourists from self-isolation measures.

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