Rich countries spent nearly $ 79 billion in 2018 on financing a better climate in poor countries.

These are the most current figures for the time being.

In 2009, the rich countries pledged to transfer $ 100 billion this year, it is unclear whether that goal will be achieved.

The annual update from the OECD shows on Friday that the amount transferred in 2018 is 11 percent higher than the 71.2 billion from the year before.

"Despite the increase in 2018, the amount is still 20 billion below the agreed $ 100 billion," the OECD notes.

"Preliminary data from the European Union and Member States for 2019 indicate that the amount could have increased further."

The countries of the EU jointly contribute the most to climate finance.

Climate aid involves gifts, loans and private investments.

The money will be used to reduce CO2 emissions and tackle the negative effects of climate change.

The agreements from 2009 were made because it is the poorer countries that are most affected by climate change, in the form of rising sea levels, storms and droughts.