In Egypt, Jean-Yves Le Drian must send a message of appeasement to the Arab world

The French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian.


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For the past ten days, the Boycott France movement has continued to be broadcast on social networks and mainly in the Arab world, after Emmanuel Macron's speech in tribute to Samuel Paty.

It is in this context that Jean-Yves Le Drian must visit Egypt this Saturday.


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From our correspondent in Cairo


Édouard Dropsy

The President of the Republic had defended the right to publish cartoons.

Since then, the head of state has spoken

on the Qatari channel al-Jazeera

to clarify his comments.

Unlike other countries in the Arab world, Egypt has not been hit hard by the



against France


President Sissi nevertheless spoke on October 29 on the occasion of Mawlid Nabawi, the ceremony to commemorate the birth of the prophet.

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If he recalled the spirit of tolerance of Islam, he also deplored that religious values ​​can be denigrated.

But for Stéphane Romatet, the French Ambassador to Egypt, relations between the two countries remain good: “ 

Egypt has no interest, in reality, in these controversies being fueled.

Egypt has a very special relationship with France.

Do not forget also that calling for a boycott of French products in Egypt which are manufactured here in Egypt by French companies is to penalize the Egyptian economy,

 ”he explains.

During his lightning visit this Sunday, Jean-Yves Le Drian will meet the Egyptian president but also the sheikh of the mosque of al-Azhar who had harsh words against France.

A visit one of the goals of which is to calm things down in this turbulent diplomatic sequence, while threats against French nationals are increasing in the Arab world.


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