Utilizing 5G Demonstration experiment on public roads in Shinjuku, Tokyo, without a driver November 5, 16:46

A demonstration experiment of an autonomous taxi that uses 5G, a high-speed, large-capacity communication standard, to deliver customers without a driver was held in Tokyo on the 5th.

This experiment was conducted by five companies, including KDDI, a major telecommunications company, and a venture company, using public roads in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

In the experiment, a taxi carrying Deputy Governor Manabu Miyasaka of Tokyo ran about 200 meters without a driver.

The taxi is equipped with cameras and sensors, and 5G is used at a remote monitoring center to receive real-time images of the surroundings and monitor the driving situation.

According to the company that conducted the experiment, 5G can send a large amount of video with almost no delay, so autonomous driving can be safely realized even on busy roads.

The company is aiming for early commercialization by conducting demonstration experiments nationwide in the future.

Deputy Governor Miyasaka of Tokyo said, "I didn't have a driver, but I was able to ride without any discomfort or tension. I think it will be the key to changing the city of Tokyo."

Yoichi Iwaki, executive officer of KDDI, said, "This is an experiment in urban areas, but we would like to actively promote the development of 5G and contribute to the realization of autonomous driving in rural areas."