China News Service, Mohe, November 5th (Wang Jingyang, reporter Jiang Hui) On the 5th, China’s northernmost ice and snow amusement park, the Arctic Village Ice and Snow Amusement Park in Mohe, Heilongjiang Province, officially opened its doors to welcome guests. The rich ice and snow tourism products make the journey northward to the world Tourists enjoy the endless fun brought by the ice and snow.

Tourists wear "snowboards" to run in the snow.

Photo by Wang Jingyang

  Mohe City is the northernmost city in China and the city with the highest latitude and lowest temperature in China. The Arctic Village, a 5A-level scenic spot under its jurisdiction, is the only place in China where you can see the northern lights and polar day phenomena.

The Arctic Village Ice and Snow Amusement Park is an ice and snow entertainment area constructed by using natural ice lake resources. It is an ice and snow entertainment attraction that integrates "leisure viewing, ice and snow entertainment, physical exercise, and parent-child interaction".

On November 5th, China's northernmost ice and snow amusement park officially opened to welcome guests, photo by Wang Jingyang

  On the opening day of the park on the 5th, the Arctic Village Ice and Snow Amusement Park attracted many tourists to experience and play.

More than 10 characteristic ice and snow entertainments, such as bumper cars on ice, bowling on ice, snow football, curling, and ice skating, have made visitors addicted.

Liu Xiaomin, a tourist from Guangdong who came to Mohe for the first time, said: "Mohe is not as cold as I imagined. I was sweating after playing a lot of ice sports just now. I must play enough today."

Hebei tourist Wang Dandan is experiencing "snowboarding".

"The weight of the snowboard is very light. You don't have to worry about sinking and slipping while wearing it, and you don't feel tired. The snow scene here is very suitable for taking pictures. This trip to Mohe is worth it."

Wang Dandan said happily.

Tourists experience bowling on ice.

Photo by Wang Jingyang

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Arctic Village Ice and Snow Amusement Park scenic spot, the northernmost and coldest area is Mohe’s regional characteristics. This winter, Mohe will take advantage of the advantages of early snow season, good snow quality, and low temperature to rush to deploy winter tourism products. After the first skiing at the Arctic Ski Resort in October, attractions such as the Ice and Snow Amusement Park and the Christmas Snow Sculpture Park will be launched this month.

At present, 90% of the snowmaking work in the Christmas Snow Sculpture Garden has been completed and is expected to be completed on the 20th of this month.