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future, as the quoted price will gradually increase to 90% of the market price, even if my house price does not rise, the tax I have to pay will continue to increase.

To alleviate the burden, if you have only one house with an official price of 600 million won or less, the tax will be reduced for three years.If so, reporter Hee-won Je will explain how the tax I have to pay will change with specific examples.


Let's take a 59㎡ apartment in Nowon-gu, Seoul.

The current market price is about 600 million won, but the official price this year is only 270 million won.

According to the actualization plan, if the disclosure price rises to around 68% next year, the disclosure price will jump to 410 million won by 140 million won.

However, since the government decided to provide property tax reduction benefits for one homeowner with a public price of 600 million or less, one homeowner in this apartment only needs to pay 450,000 won in property tax from 450,000 this year.

When the public price increases, the tax burden naturally increases, but the property tax is reduced by about 30,000 won due to the temporary reduction.

The tax burden will be reduced by 100,000 won in 2030, when the disclosure rate of 90% is achieved.

So, what about the 600-900 million houses excluded from the tax reduction?

This year, the official price of an apartment in Mapo-gu, Seoul of 670 million won is expected to rise to 860 million won next year. The ownership tax from 1.75 million won this year will rise to 2.26 million won next year, and 5.8 million won by 2030. The burden is greatly increased.

The number of houses in the range of 600 million to 900 million units in the range of 600 million to 900 million units, which was an issue over the standard for mid- to low-end housing, is 3% of the total, but most of them are concentrated in Seoul.

[Kim Kyu-gyu/Director of Korea Investment & Securities Asset Succession Research Institute: The number of multi-homed people using the strategy of disposing (housing) is expected to increase.

There may be some price reduction adjustments in major residential areas in Seoul, where high-priced houses are concentrated.] The

government set the reduction period for the first three years, when the published price rose relatively less.

Therefore, some point out that the actual tax rate cut effect will not be significant as the quoted price rises further as the published price approaches 90%.

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