Bigot Fleurs must throw millions of roses and tulips -

Bigot Fleurs

  • After florists, the flower departments of supermarkets must close.

  • At Bigot Fleurs, in Sarthe, we are about to throw back millions of unsold roses and tulips.

An "incomprehensible" decision.

While the debate on the inequality of treatment between small shops and large distribution has been raging for a few days, the Bigot Fleurs company in Sarthe has the impression of reliving "the same nightmare", or even worse, than during the first confinement. .

Because after the closure of florists, hypermarkets have this time also received the obligation to close their flower department in the coming hours.

"This decision will not save florists one euro but will end up effectively completing a production sector which has already suffered so much", denounces Nicolas Bigot, the director of this company of 1,200 employees headquartered in Allonnes.

Normally, 500,000 of its flowers are sent per day to supermarkets.

"We cannot put the flowers on pause"

For the month of November, the loss may once again be very large.

“Three million tulips and three million roses will be thrown away,” calculates Nicolas Bigot.

We have already lost over 13 million flowers in March and April.

Because unlike other products qualified as "non-essential" by the government, plants have a very limited lifespan.

“Flower growth in our greenhouses cannot be put on hold,” emphasizes the manager.

In the meantime, the company is planning a new distribution in hospitals and nursing homes.

But fears that this may be "the last" ... To try to cope, the company had to contract a loan guaranteed by the State (PGE) of more than two million euros.


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