Chinanews client, Beijing, November 3 (Zhang Xu) Received the package in 5 minutes, received the lipstick in 6 minutes, and delivered it to the rookie station in 10 minutes... Many people have not paid the full amount for the Double 11, the first The express delivery of the batch has been delivered.

  The minute-level delivery speed even made netizens wonder, "Is the neighbor sending me the goods?" "Is the courier guy waiting for me to pay at the door, afraid I will regret it?" "Express delivery is faster than takeaway?"

Some people haven’t paid the balance yet, and some have already arrived

  "Your speed makes me think I am sleepwalking." Just after midnight on November 1, Ms. Rong, who lives in Xilinji Town, Mohe County, the northernmost part of China, received the lipstick booked on the JD platform. Only 6 minutes have passed since the final payment was made.

  In Jiuquan, Gansu, more than 4,000 kilometers away from Mohe, Ms. Wang, who lives in Yumen New City, received her favorite lipstick 10 minutes after paying the balance.

JD couriers carry out delivery late at night.

Photo courtesy of Jingdong

  Mr. Li from Xiaoshan, Hangzhou bought a batch of cosmetics, paid the balance at 0:30, and received the package in 5 minutes.

Ms. Ma, who was also in Hangzhou, received the parcel from the rookie station by the Ali logistics robot more than 20 minutes after payment.

  In addition to the dramatic "minutes", many "final money people" who stayed up all night were surprised to find that November 1 did not wake up naturally, but was woken up by the courier on the phone.

  Someone just paid the balance in the early hours of the morning and was woken up by the courier to receive the goods in the morning; some people wanted to return the goods, but the courier was delivered to their doorstep.

Netizens even suspected that the neighbor was arranging the delivery... Some netizens said: "The balance paid at 1:00 in the morning is already delivered by SF Express in the morning, I am stupid."

  Double 11 this year is fast, really different from previous years.

Netizens marvel at the speed of Double 11 Express.

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Why is Double 11 Express this year so fast?

  "The reason why'express delivery is faster than takeaway' lies in the use of the'pre-sale pre-sale model'." BOE said to reporters from that warehouse production will begin when consumers pay the deposit, and pre-sale products will be pre-sold. Go to the express site closest to the consumer. After the consumer pays the final payment, the courier can immediately carry out the "last mile" delivery, ensuring that the delivery can be completed within a few minutes.

  In addition, Huang Wei, general manager of Cainiao's domestic supply chain, introduced that one reason for the faster double 11 express delivery is the "pre-sale speed delivery."

Cainiao's supply chain and many merchants jointly predicted that the products that consumers have paid the deposit will be sunk to the express sites and communities around the consumers in advance.

After paying the final payment at 0:30 on November 1st, the package will be shipped from around, and the "payer" will instantly become the "consignee".

  Regarding the "pre-sale pre-sale" model adopted by both Alibaba and, industry experts pointed out that behind the "pre-sale pre-sale" is a digital supply chain guarantee system, which uses big data to estimate demand and mobilize demand-centric Logistics responsiveness.

Netizens said that the final payment will be delivered within one minute.

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  Logistics expert Yang Daqing told reporters on that the purpose of pre-sales is to improve consumer service experience. It is necessary to change the warehousing and distribution system that obtains orders first, and establish an agile supply chain guarantee for demand prediction and logistics first.

“For express companies, it is necessary to combine digital means to respond more deeply to demand and protect the supply chain. This year, on Double 11, the scale of application of intelligent technology and equipment in express companies will be larger, and logistics-first guarantee capabilities will be more popular. " revealed that Minda achieved a major breakthrough in urban coverage and product categories during Double 11 this year. Consumers in nearly 200 cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, when buying pre-sale products such as beauty, small home appliances and 3C Will have the opportunity to experience a minute-level receiving experience.

Take the high-speed train by plane, press the "accelerator key" for express delivery

  Although minute-level receipts are temporarily limited to some pre-sale products, other types of express parcels are also speeding up.

For example, SF Express has added a new operating model to its aviation network and high-speed rail network.

On November 1, staff were delivering high-speed rail express parcels on the platform of Nanchang Station.

Photo by Hu Yan

  It is reported that in addition to fully operating its 60 all-cargo aircrafts to serve the peak transportation of Double 11, SF Express also added a drone transportation mode.

In some islands, remote mountainous areas and other areas with inconvenient transportation, SF Express's collection and delivery time will be increased by at least 24 hours.

In addition, 863 high-speed rail lines will be used during Double 11, and some high-speed rail lines have a maximum carrying capacity of 4 tons.

  During the Double 11 period, more than 30 high-speed rail express lines were added to Jingdong express delivery products. Between Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Wuhan, Wuhan-Guangzhou, Shanghai-Zhengzhou, Guangzhou-Chengdu and other major cities, the use of single-section can load 4 tons The reserved carriages of the high-speed rail EMU have increased the transportation capacity by nearly 10 times, stably providing sufficient fast transportation capacity.

  In addition, cross-border e-commerce companies that cross the oceans are also accelerating.

Cainiao data shows that at 6:33 am on November 1st, after the joint operations of customs, ports and Cainiao across the country, consumers have already cleared 10 million of the 11.11 import orders that day.

These packages have gradually entered the distribution link, and can be delivered on the same day as soon as possible.

This speed is 2 hours and 14 minutes ahead of Tmall Double 11 in 2019, an increase of 25%.

  However, according to the forecast of the State Post Bureau, there will be a peak season during Double 11 this year (November 11-16). The daily average express delivery volume is expected to reach 490 million pieces, which is about twice the daily volume.

By then, most domestic and overseas packages that have not adopted the "pre-sale pre-sale" model will have a longer waiting time.

  According to the current business category of the express delivery company, if it is an urgent delivery within the same city, it can be delivered in as fast as 30 minutes (including door-to-door time), which can be said to achieve the same delivery speed as a takeaway; if the express delivery company’s standard express standard, the service scope and delivery time Received and sent within, the fastest delivery before 12:00 the next day.

Automated and unmanned, alleviating the problem of express delivery accumulation

  Behind the increase in express delivery speed is the increase in automation in the express delivery industry and the deep integration with e-commerce platforms.

  For example, SF Express developed and delivered in batches a single-piece separation system, unmanned loading of small pieces, misdivision detection, automated processing based on AGV, intelligent loading and unloading platforms and other innovative products, which realized the unloading, feeding, sorting, and loading of goods. The whole process of trucks and other vehicles is unmanned and automated, which greatly improves operation efficiency and effectively saves labor input costs.

At the same time, SF's building distribution robots were put into trial operation at the headquarters of some major customers.

  Not only SF Express, but also Tongda Express delivery companies have made digitalization their "Number One Project" this year.

  "In mid-August, we invested nearly 6 million yuan to complete the comprehensive upgrade and expansion of the site automation equipment to ensure that the sorting and delivery timeliness at the end of Double 11 increased by at least 30%." The person in charge of Shentong Express Haining branch introduced the site. 40,000 express shipments can be sorted per hour, and double 11 packages can be handled calmly.

The picture shows the staff moving goods into the high-speed rail train.

Photo by Song Jialong

  For example, Zhongtong Anhui Ma'anshan branch moved to a new site before Double 11, and its area was expanded from more than 1,400 square meters to 4,000 square meters.

The person in charge of the outlet Jia Zhaosheng also bought a set of automated cross-belt sorting equipment. It originally took 1 hour to unload a truck of "9 meters 6" goods, but now it only takes 35 minutes.

  Best Express Zhejiang Yiwu Heyetang branch invested more than 10 million in infrastructure upgrades, and nearly 7 million was used in equipment automation upgrades.

  According to the person in charge of the Guangdong Zhongshan branch of Yunda Express, after the new equipment purchased before Double 11 is put into operation, it is estimated that nearly 100,000 express shipments can be digested in one hour, and more than one million shipments will be handled on peak days.

  According to statistics, the total length of the automated assembly lines used by the Double 11 Express Company will reach 6000 kilometers this year, an increase of nearly 1000 kilometers over the same period last year, which has greatly accelerated the circulation efficiency of the Cainiao backbone network.

  Has your express shipped, how many have you got?