Future Big Conjecture 2020丨Harvard University Economics Professor Talks about the Significance of China's Economic Recovery to the World

  Affected by the epidemic, most countries around the world have experienced severe economic downturns and even experienced negative growth.

The International Monetary Fund predicts that by 2020, China may become the only major economy to maintain growth.

How does China's economic growth affect the global economic recovery?

Harvard University Economics Professor Eric Muskin accepted an interview with CCTV's "Future Conjecture 2020", he said this ↓

  Moderator: Professor Eric Muskin, can you also share your views?

At present, China is the only major economy to achieve positive growth. How will China's economic growth affect other countries?

  Eric Maskin: In fact, from the current perspective, China's recovery is better than other large economies, which is a good thing for other countries in the world.

It can provide a power to balance the economic recession that many countries are now experiencing.

During the Great Depression, or when the economic crisis occurred 10 years ago, many European and American countries were not affected as much as this time.

  China's recovery this time is a very good and very positive phenomenon.

This has a very good stimulating effect on the whole world.

Many other countries are still experiencing recession, which is also a test for China.