Dubai Economy: Exemption from registration and renewal fees .. and the provision of free delivery service for a month

Displaying food products for holders of "dealer license" on "Talabat"

Dubai Economy revealed that its commercial registration and licensing sector cooperated with the "Talabat" company, to allow holders of a "dealer license" concerned with licensing managed projects through social media and the Internet, to display their food products through the company's application to reach the largest segment of the public.


The Dubai Economy stated in a statement yesterday that the advantages of joining the Talabat platform include exemption from registration fees, the delivery of a free tablet from the Sunmi company, in addition to the provision of photo sessions covering 40 items from the menu, in addition to providing Free delivery service for a full month, in addition to exemption from renewal fees for an additional year.

She added that it is possible to join the platform by submitting a “dealer license” issued by Dubai Economy to the “Talabat” team by e-mail: “”, indicating that when the merchant account is created on the platform, requests of specialized technicians are sent. To train the merchant on the system until his account is published on the Talabat platform.

Continuous efforts

Omar Al Muhairi, Director of the Development and Follow-up Department at the Commercial Registration and Licensing Sector at the Dubai Economy, said, "The cooperation between Dubai Economy and Talabat comes within the framework of continuous efforts towards supporting various economic sectors, strengthening the national economy and maintaining its sustainability."

He added, "The partnership confirms our commitment to support emerging projects for young people with (merchant license), and to enhance their participation in the national economy in general."

Al Muhairi pointed out that the agreement comes at a time when the community is witnessing a great turnout by members of society to shop online, as we seek, through a "dealer license", to regulate the process of doing business, and to promote e-commerce, which reflects our strategy aimed at ease of doing business and supporting competitiveness Developmental Dubai.


For his part, Vice President of Talabat in the UAE, Jeremy Doughty, said that “Talabat is making every effort to support local businesses in the country to overcome the current conditions in which we live”, adding: “We are proud to partner with Dubai Economy to develop the joining program. Intended for "dealer license" holders to help Emirati enterprises accelerate their growth.

Increase in "Dealer Licenses"

A report issued by the commercial registration and licensing sector in the Dubai Economy showed that “dealer licenses” issued during the first nine months of this year increased by 138%, as 4,023 licenses were issued, compared to 1687 licenses issued during the same period last year, which confirms Dubai's growth as a leading destination for digital emerging projects specializing in e-commerce.

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