Reporter's investigation found that operators are eager to use 5G, be careful of directional cards, and have more non-directional traffic

5G package cannot be changed to 4G, and 4G is removed from telecom

Have you used 5G for the first anniversary of commercial use?

  In the past few days, major operators' apps have placed 5G packages in focus, and the 4G package entry has been lost.

According to the industry, in order to promote 5G packages, operators quietly removed low-cost 4G packages. If users need to apply for 4G packages, they can only use offline business halls and telephone customer service.

Telecom operators in some areas even directly removed 4G packages.

  By Wen Jing, All Media Correspondent, Guangzhou Daily

  Is it hard to find the entrance to the 4G package on the APP of major operators?

The reporter logged into the mobile APP search of the three operators. Although China Mobile customer service stated that the 4G package can still be processed on the mobile APP, but input the keyword search, it is only 4G data overlay package, 4G+ HD voice, etc., and 4G cannot be found. Entrance for package handling.

The reporter searched for the 4G package through China Unicom’s APP, and the page jumped to the "Prestigious Product Zone". After clicking it, the Tencent King Card or 5G package appeared.

  According to reports, Sichuan Telecom’s 4G package has been removed from the local telecom operation office, and old users can only choose the newly launched 5G package if they change packages or new users enter the network.

Once a user chooses to upgrade to a 5G package, he may not be able to apply to change back to 4G.

  It is understood that the three major operators have recently adopted a similar strategy of "tightening 4G and promoting 5G", combining some 4G packages with 5G packages, or directly removing some low-cost 4G packages.

  According to netizens, a Unicom card whose territory is Guangzhou, and the package that can be exchanged in the online business hall, the minimum 5G package is 99 yuan.

The original low-cost Internet packages were gradually cleaned up.

The monthly fee for most Internet packages is more than 19 yuan.

  "If you open a new package, we recommend a 5G package of 139 yuan/month. Now there is a 50 yuan discount, which is 89 yuan/month, and 4G/5G traffic is common."

China Mobile customer service told reporters that if it is a 4G package of 89 yuan/month, there is only 15GB of data. "The 5G package of 89 yuan per month includes 30GB of data."

  Is it to increase the volume without increasing the price?

The reporter learned that the original price of the 89 yuan/month 5G package is 139 yuan/month, including 30GB data, 400 minutes of domestic calls, and will be charged at 139 yuan/month after the end of the discount period.

  Telecom Unicom's directional card looks attractive

  The overall 5G package has not changed much after one year.

The 5G packages recommended by China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom all start at more than 100 yuan, and the highest goes to 600 yuan.

In addition, China Telecom and China Unicom also have directional traffic cards.

  It is understood that Guangdong Telecom’s main star card is 19 yuan/month. For some apps, the directional free flow fee is charged, and the directional free flow is capped at 30G per month. After the excess, the non-directional traffic is calculated at 1 yuan/1G/day.

Unicom's Tencent King Card is free of traffic charges for Tencent-based apps. The monthly fee is directional free flow and capped at 40G per month. After it is exceeded, it is calculated at 1 yuan/1G/day for non-directional traffic.

  The reporter used a 4G traffic directional card for a year. Some apps may sound attractive without traffic charges, but they are of little significance to most mobile network users.

At the end of the month, it was found that non-directional traffic was the "big head".

  According to operators, 5G services provided by different grades of 5G packages are different.

It is reported that China Unicom provides 5G premium services for 129 yuan and 159 yuan products, and 5G technical services for 199 yuan, 239 yuan, 299 yuan, 399 yuan, and 599 yuan products, which are more preferential than 5G premium services in areas with busy networks. Incoming service guarantee.

And the 5G rate is different.

  Are you "by 5G"?

  In the first three quarters of 2020, the number of 5G package users of China Mobile reached 114 million; as of the end of September, the number of 5G package users of China Telecom reached 64.8 million.

The combination of telecommunications and mobile alone, the number of 5G package users exceeds 170 million.

  The September operation data of the Institute of Information and Communications Technology indicated that from January to September this year, the cumulative shipments of 5G mobile phones in the domestic market were 108 million units.

Last year, domestic 5G mobile phone shipments were 13.769 million units.

The total shipment volume is 122 million units.

It can be seen that many 5G package users still use 4G phones or even 3G phones.

It is also commonly known as "Be 5G".

  In addition to common operator phone promotions, bundled promotions with mobile phone brands and stores are also one of the means.

"Sales told me that if you have a 5G mobile phone of a certain brand, you can get a discount of 800~1000 yuan if you have a 5G package at the same time." Citizen Miss Li recently went to the mall to learn about the latest market. "Mobile and telecom 5G packages are fine, but the packages are This discount is only available for more than one hundred yuan."

What made Ms. Li hesitate was that she just wanted to change her mobile phone, and it was not worth the extra mobile phone fee of 40 or 50 yuan a month.

  It is understood that since April this year, operators have gradually increased subsidies to mobile phone manufacturers.

But different from the contract method in the 3G/4G era, it is now through this subsidy method of purchasing machines from dealers, stores, and e-commerce platforms that mobile phone manufacturers are more willing to accelerate the launch and sales of 5G mobile phones, and at the same time, realize their own The number of 5G package users is growing rapidly.

"The conditions for subsidies are now high. As early as 4 or 5 months ago, when you bought a home appliance in a store, as long as you are willing to apply for a 5G package, the sales staff can help you directly subsidize the operator on the home appliance." Insiders revealed.