TSE-listed companies Interim financial results announcement peak Annual earnings outlook Severe forecasts at 18:19 on October 30

The announcement of the interim financial results for this year for companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange peaked on the 30th.

As the effects of the new coronavirus continue, we expect approximately two-thirds of companies that have released their earnings outlook for the year to be in the red or down.

Companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange The announcement of financial results for the six months from April to September peaked on the 30th, and 249 companies disclosed their business results in one day.

Analyzing the financial results of 236 companies that SMBC Nikko Securities had announced by the 29th, 86 companies had an increase in final profit and loss (36%), and 63% had a decrease in profit (150). It was a company.

The number of companies that posted the final deficit was 50, which is 21%.

In this interim financial results announcement, a number of companies have announced their one-year earnings forecast, which was initially "undecided" because it is difficult to predict due to the effects of the new coronavirus.

According to the report, the final profit and loss forecast is that 54% of the companies that announced the outlook will lose profits.

In addition, 12% of companies, such as airline giants ANA Holdings and JR East, expect a final deficit, and about two-thirds of the companies that announced their outlook are expected to be in the red or lose profits. ..

On the other hand, 33% of companies, such as Sony, which raised its final profit this year to 1.5 times the previous forecast, and Nidec, a major electronic component maker, are expecting an increase in profit.

Hikaru Yasuda, a stock strategist at SMBC Nikko Securities, said, "Companies that are seriously affected by the cooling of personal consumption are expected to continue to perform severely. Product development and business reviews that match the so-called" with corona era " You will be asked. "