Until the last moment, it is exciting whether the government finds the recovery plan that KLM submitted at the beginning of this month sufficient.

According to Finance Minister Wobke Hoekstra, discussions are still being held about this and all variants are still on the table, he said on Friday.

This also makes rejecting the plan an option.

“We will inform the room about this, we have the remainder of this month for that,” says Hoekstra.

The pain point would mainly lie in the duration of the agreements that KLM has made with the unions about the cutbacks within society.

Considerable cutbacks are a condition of the cabinet for the multi-billion support.

“We have always agreed that the duration of the loans determines the agreements,” says Hoekstra.

Who has not yet been given a definitive yes or no.

The loans have a term of more than 5 years, that of the agreements with the unions less than 2 years.

At the end of June, KLM and the cabinet reached an agreement on state aid to help the severely damaged society through the corona crisis.

This involved a direct loan of 1 billion euros and a loan from eleven banks with a size of 2.4 billion euros.

The government guarantees the latter.

Part of the conditions for the state aid was that KLM would make agreements with all trade unions about reducing the costs.

KLM submitted a recovery plan on 1 October, setting out how society wants to meet the conditions.