MBN, a comprehensive programming channel that revealed that it was approved for broadcasting by illegally allocating capital, was subject to severe punishment for a six-month suspension.

The Korea Communications Commission held a general meeting on the 30th and decided on an administrative disposition to suspend business for 6 months and suspend all broadcasting during this period for MBN that violated the Broadcasting Act by illegally applying capital funds.

However, there is a grace period of 6 months from the time of notification.

In addition, the Korea Communications Commission decided to file criminal charges against MBN and its representatives who committed illegal activities.

It is an unprecedented severe disciplinary action in broadcasting companies for a six-month suspension of business for a nationwide general broadcaster.

Prior to this, it was revealed that MBN borrowed about 55.5 billion won in the name of executives and employees to fill in the minimum capital of 300 billion won in the process of approval for the end of the program in 2011, and made a fraudulent accounting to hide it. And key management, corporations were convicted.

In 2014 and 2017, it turned out that it was approved for broadcasting that hid it even in the process of re-approval twice.

On this day, the KCC's secretariat reported two proposals for MBN, revoking the approval of the largest disciplinary person under the Broadcasting Act and suspension of work for 6 months.

In the course of discussion, the standing members of the Korea Communications Commission narrowed their opinions to a six-month suspension of work as they pointed out that revocation of approval was an abuse of administrative authority.

After discussing the details of the suspension of business, two things such as the suspension of all broadcasting or the suspension of broadcasting during the 0-6 o'clock midnight time, we concluded that all broadcasting was suspended.

Standing committee members Hyung-Hwan Ahn and Hyo-Jae Kim raised questions about the legal interests of the administrative disposition and raised concerns about additional lawsuits.

(Photo = Yonhap News)