Blue out of favor in the second-hand market, silver Pro is the most popular

  Part of the iPhone 12 models "broken hair" a week after the launch

  The new iPhone12 has been on the market for a week.

According to news on October 29, currently in the second-hand market, only iPhone12 Pro in silver, black, blue and other colors needs an increase of about 1,000 yuan, and most other models are sold at slightly lower than the original price.

At the same time, silver and white are all out of stock.

Which color is currently the most expensive?

  “It’s 300 yuan cheaper than the original price,” a scalper said, pointing to a red iPhone12. “This time the iPhone 12 broke. The new and unopened ones in the second-hand market are at least 200 yuan cheaper than the official website.”

  Another scalper said that the iPhone 12 can be sold at a minimum of 6000 yuan, but the iPhone 12 Pro needs to be increased.

"At present, the other colors of Pro are out of stock, only blue and black. The minimum memory of iPhone 12 Pro is 128G for blue 9600 yuan, and the same black memory is 9950 yuan."

  So which color is currently the most expensive?

"Black is not the most expensive, silver Pro is. If it is in stock, it is more than 200 yuan more expensive than black. The official website price is 8,499 yuan, and the increase is about 1,700 yuan." A scalper said.

  Some second-hand vendors said that after the release of the iPhone 12, the most popular ones on the market were the blue of the iPhone 12 and the gray of the iPhone 12 Pro.

"At that time, they each increased the price by 500-1000 yuan, and many people were transferring their reservation qualifications. Because Apple's official website stipulates that each person can purchase 2 units, so the scalpers can't get the goods on a large scale. Collect a quota from the netizen and go directly. Just pick up the goods in the store.” However, when consumers see the real thing, many people think that seeing is believing is different from that on the Internet. Many people think that "iPhone12 blue is ugly."

How much is the second-hand price lower than the original price?

  Currently in the second-hand market, the blue version of the iPhone 12, the hottest at the time, is not expensive, and there are many unactivated phones that can be sold for about 1,000 yuan lower than the original price.

A second-hand seller said: "Just opened the box and took a look, 5859 yuan."

  On the JD platform, the iPhone 12 series is currently out of stock.

The Aihui recycling platform that cooperates with also allows consumers to recycle and replace.

"After the release of iPhone 12, the number of recycling submissions has increased by 5 times." The relevant person in charge revealed.

  On the transfer of second-hand platforms, some sellers in the "free market" under the current C2C transaction mode have quotations of some models of iPhone12 that have fallen.

The 64G brand new green iPhone12 currently has a price starting at 5890 yuan, and the 128G green brand new price starts at 6550 yuan.

  The person in charge of the transfer said: "However, there are price increases for popular and classic color matching models, ranging from 100-1000 yuan. For example, the black iPhone12 128G is currently quoted at 7800 yuan in the free market, and the black iPhone12 with 256G is quoted at 7999. Yuan."

How are the official purchase channels sold?

  The official iPhone purchase channels are still in high demand.

Starting from the night of booking on October 23, the official website information shows that it will take 3-4 weeks to get the phone after the full purchase.

  "I didn't grab it, but I'm not in a hurry. The price is waiting for the iPhone 12 Pro Max." A consumer said.

The official website price shows that the iPhone 12 Pro Max starts at 9,299 yuan and the highest is 11,899 yuan. The pre-order will be opened on November 6.

  Text/Reporter Wen Jing