Started development of new battery at the request of Panasonic Tesla October 29, 21:31

Panasonic, a major electronics manufacturer, has announced that it has begun development of a new type of battery at the request of American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla.

This was revealed by Panasonic CFO Hirokazu Umeda, Chief Financial Officer, at a press conference on the 29th.

In this, CFO Umeda stated that he had started the development of a new type of battery, and said, "There is a strong request from Tesla, and our vision is the same, so we are working hard to develop it." Said.

For Panasonic, Tesla is the largest supplier of in-vehicle batteries, including jointly operating a large-scale battery factory called "Gigafactory" in Nevada, USA.

Tesla is expanding sales of electric vehicles, especially in China, and as environmental regulations are tightened worldwide, Panasonic is expected to grow, so it is possible to take charge of production with new batteries. It seems that it will greatly affect the business performance of.