In the two months of being deceived, Lingling always felt like she was dreaming, and she never expected that this kind of thing would happen to her.

  "I thought I met a good boy, but in the end I was deceived by hundreds of thousands." Lingling encountered the "killing pig disk" scam that is common on the Internet.

  In an occasional chat on a blind date website, you were single and met a successful person. He has just divorced and his relationship life is not smooth, but he is a very motivated person.

He always talks about learning, health, and personal connections, and he cares about you.

After chatting intermittently for more than a week, he accidentally revealed that he was engaged in the gambling industry in a conversation with you. He told you that he was gambling with an investment mentality and advised you not to enter this business without authorization.

  Then one day, he tells you that he treats you as "it was just a good impression at first, and then slowly became like, then it became love, and now it has become a habit." Trust, when he inadvertently revealed that his "investment" made a successful profit of 100,000 yuan, you also want to get a share.

  The moment you put your money into the website he sent, the keyboarder’s long "pig raising" process is over. When the butcher knife is swung down, you lose all your money. The killing pig group and the website operator follow the rules. Divide two into your funds.

  The above is the whole process of a scam.

The Beijing News Shell Finance and Economics reporter investigated the idioms of the gangster gangsters, supporting upstream and downstream gangs, and interviewed professional anti-fraud professionals, and found that the gangsters had gone through nearly 4 years from casting the net to "precise drainage". The development of scams has become a scam with a long cycle, high concealment, and the largest amount of single fraud.

  "As far as I know, the number of cases and the amount of money involved in the killing of pigs in 2019 has increased by eight or nine times compared with 2018, and in 2020 it will reach a new high." On October 27, Tencent Anti-Fraud Laboratory Security Researcher Zhang Gong told Xin Xin Beijing News Shell Finance reporter.

Was deceived by hundreds of thousands in two months, "feeling like a dream"

  "I met a pretty good boy on a social platform last October, who knows he was deceived hundreds of thousands." On October 19, netizen Lingling posted a comment.

  “In the beginning, I just responded to the other party’s private messages out of politeness. Later, we began to complain about marriage pressure, and we had a common topic. Then we exchanged photos and agreed to the other party’s request to add WeChat. From the circle of friends, he is Gao Fushuai One, there is a car, a house, and a small company, 31 years old, likes fitness, no bad hobbies, go for self-driving tours several times a year." Lingling said, "Later, he said that he would take me to make money when he was free and said that the project was 'A number quiz under the banner of XX International', he sent me a screenshot of the money-making account. The name above matches the name he told me. Later, I tried to recharge 10,000 yuan and quickly made 1,320 yuan."

  Lingling, who had made money, no longer doubted the other party, and began to recharge intermittently, even borrowing money to top up hundreds of thousands of yuan, but finally found that the account was frozen when withdrawing cash. At this time, Lingling found out that the other party was a liar and was killed. Pig plate scam.

"I'm usually a very cautious person. But when my family's illness needs money, I became greedy. During the two months I was cheated, I always felt like I was dreaming."

  "Compared with other scams, the killing pig scam is more disguised. During the period before the other party scams money, all the behaviors are very similar to those of a normal dating or dating person. If we are an ordinary person Making friends, chatting, and discussing feelings on this platform is like this. Only when the victim is guided to that platform to recharge at the last moment, his fangs and his evil side will be shown. ." Zhang Gong said.

  Zhang Gong told the Shell Finance and Economics reporter of the Beijing News that, in addition to being highly concealed, the cycle of killing pig dish fraud is relatively long and the amount of fraud is relatively large.

"Generally, it takes about 7 days at the shortest time to complete a scam with a slaughter plate, and one to three months as long as it is. For a liar, after he invests so long and develops a relationship with the victim, the victim will treat him more Trust, coupled with the drive of feelings and interests, will cause victims to invest a lot of their own funds, and even allow victims to borrow various loan sharks, flowers, etc., to invest in that platform. Basically the big cases we are currently seeing The amount of victims lost is more than 100,000, and even some can reach millions or several million. The amount of fraud is relatively huge. Generally, ordinary frauds only win by quantity, because the cycle is very short, and each time it is several thousand. , 10,000 yuan, compared to the single amount of the killing pig plate is relatively high."

  Due to the large amount of money involved, public security officers in many places have vigorously cracked down on the scam.

For example, the Baiyun Branch of the Guiyang Public Security Bureau disclosed this month that on the 10th, the public security organs of Guiyang City and District carried out a full-chain attack on a "killing pig pan" type of transnational telecommunications network fraud criminal group. The case involved more than 200 million yuan. .

Up to now, the police have arrested 70 gang suspects.

"Gao Fu Shuai" is actually a "keyboard player"

  Zhang Gong told reporters that people who directly contacted the victims are called "keyboard players" in the industry, but the status of keyboard players is actually at the bottom of the killing gang.

"Because they want to talk about something, the trend of the whole process, the script, and the words are prepared for them. They don't actually need to think about how to chat with others by themselves. They just write down the things written in the script step by step and send it to On the other side, their work is equivalent to a process of copying and pasting input."

  On October 29, the reporter collected a piece of "wordsmanship" for killing pigs from the black and gray production platform. According to this language, the packaging and positioning of the disguised image of the keyboard players need to understand the basic situation of the other party and what needs to be established. There are detailed text introductions on emotional stages, common goals established, brainwashing techniques, and how to finish.

Shell Finance reporters even saw the "Completion of Local Tastes of Love" to help chat and the "Completion of Tragic Stories" for the establishment of personal settings in "Talking Skills".

  Xiaotian, a person familiar with black-and-ash production, told Shell Finance and Economics that the killing pan is divided into three parts: sucking fans, building trust, and draining.

"Actually, there is not much difference in the process between the killing pig plate and the general phishing website scam. The "dog tweet" of the gambling website can directly do the killing pig plate by changing the language. It just needs to be more patient because of the emotional The killing cycle is longer and the price per order is higher."

  "In the stage of attracting fans, the killing gang members need to pull some friends from marriage and dating platforms or investment platforms, and add them to private social platforms. There are some dedicated people responsible for this part. They are called the feed group, which is to attract various fans. Scams the people behind; after adding friends, the "call team" mainly composed of keyboard players began to chat with the victims according to the script, cultivate feelings, and quickly enter into a more intimate relationship to win the trust of the other party; finally, they The victim will be directed to their fraud platform. This process is called cutting customers, that is, the victim is slowly transferred from talking about feelings to talking about money. After the customer completes the recharge, some groups may also set up the role of'platform customer service' and customers Contact, and when the victim cannot withdraw the cash, the customer service will tell him how much more money you have to top up to get the maximum value." Zhang Gong said.

  The Beijing News Shell Finance and Economics reporter noticed that in order to cooperate with the fraud of killing pigs, there have been many illegal products in the upstream and downstream market of killing pigs.

  "High-end fans of XX website, aiming at customers with strong ability to attract all luxury car brands, high-quality channels are waiting for you online." On October 29, a reporter from Shell Finance and Economics found in a black and gray production forum to provide drainage for gangsters. , Packaging, and money laundering affiliated products are very active.

Xiaotian told reporters that the social account resources that need to be replaced frequently, the data of high-end people, the copywriting of pictures and videos for building high-end circle of friends, the technology of building phishing websites, etc., all require supporting black production.

  Xiaotian said that after the killer plate is successful, the victims often report the keyboard player’s social account, so the killer plate gang needs a large number of frequent social account changes and unblocking services, which requires the cooperation of black and gray producers; and packaging A social account needs a service of “enhancing the display surface” similar to “Shanghai celebrity”, which requires the cooperation of graphic providers; finally, to direct the victim to a phishing website, “Killing Pig” needs to build its own website or find a phishing website. A team that serves and can be divided into revenue.

  On October 29, the Beijing News Shell Finance reporter contacted different upstream and downstream black products in the name of the killing pig pan team and discovered that a WeChat account currently only costs more than ten yuan, which is enough to pack the "Gao Fu Shuai" picture of several accounts and Videos can be purchased at a price of 10 yuan, while the cost of building a phishing website is relatively high, requiring tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan.

The team that built a phishing website told reporters, “You can use our website directly without building a website, and we will share two to eighty with you for a single recharge of more than 100,000 yuan, and a 46-to-six share for more than 10,000”.

  "On the whole, the biggest expenditure of the Shazhupan gang should be the construction and labor costs, because the virtual resources of the Internet, such as their own account and graphic merchants, are relatively abundant. It is not just the scam by the Shazhuban, including a lot of illegal production and scams. Both the wool and the amount of brushing will use the account company. This resource is relatively easy to obtain on the Internet and the cost will be relatively low. Even if the platform construction and recruitment costs are large, the overall expenditure is also very low, basically to an average For a single fraud, the cost may be less than 1,000 yuan, but they get at least 100,000 or more benefits each time." Zhang Gong said.

How to avoid the killing pan when the attack continues?

  Many members of the legal profession said that the act of killing pigs violated the criminal law and was suspected of fraud.

According to Article 266 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, anyone who defrauds public or private property in a relatively large amount shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or surveillance, and a fine or a fine; if the amount is huge or has other serious circumstances , Shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years, and shall be fined; if the amount is particularly large or there are other particularly serious circumstances, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years or life imprisonment, and shall also be fined or confiscated.

  Xiaotian told the Shell Finance reporter that most of the killing gangs are currently abroad, of which Manila, the Philippines has the most.

"Working in black-and-white jobs such as killing pigs and gambling websites, we call them'dog push' who are responsible for pulling people from various platforms. Because foreign supervision is loose, these criminal gangs are often unscrupulous. Many people are actually attracted by the "high-paying" job advertisements, and finally deceived to go abroad and can only do "dog push". They know that they are engaged in illegal things, but whether they are forced or driven by profit, they finally formed a A huge group. If ordinary people want not to be deceived, remember that one thing is not to be greedy."

  In Xiaotian's view, due to the relatively insidious tricks of killing pigs, ordinary people could not see the difference at all at first.

"I was almost fooled myself. Once I chatted with a girl on a dating site, and the chat was very good, until she asked me if I wanted to play'Guess the Odds and Odds', I immediately saw that the other party was a dog pusher. ."

  Regarding the killing pig scam, the People’s Court of Shijingshan District, Beijing stated in an official document on October 14 that the various hidden dangers in the dating website market did not form overnight. The operators of the dating website are diligent in self-discipline, the relevant government departments have strengthened supervision, and the website users have increased. Prevention can effectively curb chaos in the online marriage and love market.

  In May 2020, reached a cooperation with Tencent Anti-fraud Brain and established a set of AI governance programs to deal with "killing pigs" fraud.

  The relevant person in charge of said that has increased its risk control investment and crackdown, improved its risk control capabilities in the entire process of registration, authentication, login, payment, and service. It has also actively expanded third-party cooperation, such as the cooperation with Tencent Risk Management. Cooperate to improve the real-time strike model, basically realize the strike coverage of the user service process, and increase the strike time from the past few days to the quasi real-time level, and can effectively monitor the process of abnormal users from white to gray to black after registration and authentication , To crack down and restrict when serious risks are triggered.

  Tencent told the Beijing News Shell Finance reporter that with the strengthening of police crackdowns and the technical cooperation between Tencent’s anti-fraud brain and,’s platform has significantly improved the governance of "killing pigs", and it has dealt with suspicious accounts. The number of attacks has increased by 60%, and a total of millions of users have been sent anti-fraud safety reminders.

In five months, the rate of incidents involving the platform's "killing pigs" dropped by 48.8%, and the amount involved was reduced by 56%.

  “We have done a job to judge the similarity between an unknown user’s behavior and the behavior of killing pigs. This is similar to a spectrum from white to black. For the user, it’s not just that he does a certain thing. He will definitely be judged as a black, but he said that the series of actions from entering the platform to the follow-up are very similar to the bad guys, and then we will be considered a relatively black situation. If we detect that the other party may be a fraud People, we will play a short reminder, such as beware of fraud, and talk to users about the mode of fraud. Of course, for more dangerous situations, we will also call to spread the ideas and concepts of preventing fraud from the side, the purpose is to ensure Victims try not to be affected by this kind of fraud." Zhang Gong said.

  Zhang Gong expressed that he hopes that all major platforms can communicate with each other, jointly crack down on scammers, and conduct joint modeling artificial intelligence AI governance schemes under the premise of privacy protection.

  "In the process of making friends online, you should always be cautious, avoid credulously trusting the other party's propaganda before fully understanding, and protect your own safety. If you accidentally encounter fraud such as'killing pigs', you should immediately report to the public security department and maintain through legal channels. Your own legitimate rights and interests. In the event of false propaganda being consumed by routines, you must promptly report and complain." The People's Court of Shijingshan District, Beijing said.

  Luo Yidan, Shell Financial Reporter, Beijing News