Interim results of two major pharmaceutical companies Sales of pharmaceuticals are firm and solid performance October 29, 22:32

In the interim results of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, a major pharmaceutical company, the final profit increased by 15% due to the lack of accounting treatment related to the huge acquisition of Irish pharmaceutical giant Shire.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company's semi-annual financial results for the six months from April to September showed sales of 1,590.7 billion yen for the entire group, a 4% decrease from the same period last year, but a final profit of 15%. It increased to 86.5 billion yen.

This is because the yen strengthened more than expected and sales declined, but there was no accounting treatment such as reviewing the asset value related to the huge acquisition of Shire recorded last year, and the final profit increased as a reaction. is.

In addition, President Christophe Weber, who had a telephone interview with the new coronavirus drug under development, said, "The clinical trial is expected to end during this time, and if good results are obtained, we would like to apply for regulatory approval immediately." I did.

Ono Pharmaceutical's interim results, on the other hand, showed a 1% increase in sales to 150.4 billion yen and a 21% increase in final profit due to strong sales of its mainstay cancer treatment, Opdivo. Sales and profits increased to 39.8 billion yen for the third consecutive year.

While many companies are losing profits due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, pharmaceutical sales are firm, and major pharmaceutical companies are performing well.