Go To Travel Companion travel is not covered. October 29, 16:15 for infectious disease control

In "Go To Travel," a measure to stimulate tourism demand, the Japan Tourism Agency announced that travel products that involve entertainment by companions will be excluded from discounts, etc., as "to thoroughly prevent infectious diseases."

"Go To Travel" is a measure to stimulate tourism demand that allows you to receive a discount of up to 20,000 yen on the travel price. Until now, travel products that accompany entertainment by companions were also included in the discount.

However, the Japan Tourism Agency has decided to exclude these travel products from the discount from the viewpoint of "preventing the spread of the new coronavirus", saying that the main purpose of these travel products is to entertain travelers. ..

We are asking the sellers to stop selling within the 29th.

Those who have already applied will be eligible for the discount until the 5th of next month, but after that, they will not be eligible for the campaign.

However, if the accommodation facility thoroughly implements infection prevention measures and the entertainment fee and the accommodation fee are clearly separated, only the accommodation fee will be discounted.

Regarding Go To Travel, driver's license training camp tours will also be excluded from the 1st of next month.