[New business forms and new professions are "thirst", how to break the situation in talent training?

③] Why can't training institutions dig the "rich ore" of new vocational education?

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  Some people regard private educational institutions as the forerunner of new vocational education and training.

But in the face of a market environment with insufficient teachers and lack of trust, how can social capital open up the "rich mine" of new vocational education, and then open up a path to upward growth for practitioners?

  "2 million fans", "5 hours live broadcast for 70 million yuan"...In the spotlight, the internet celebrity anchor Han Xiaoxian, who has worked 14 hours a day, said frankly: "I also want to charge myself." But she was worried. Yes, in the new career path of "Internet marketer", it may be difficult for her to find a teacher who is more professional and experienced than herself in any existing private education institution in the market.

  Also worrying about his future training plan is Zhou Yubo, who loves to play games and has been "assisted" for 4 years.

His biggest dream is to become a professional e-sports player.

In the past few years, he has been transferred to many home appliance competition training institutions in Fujian. Although his rank has been upgraded to 2, he was cheated of more than 8,000 yuan in tuition. He has yet to find a course that satisfies him, nor has he won any League of Legends The favor of professional teams.

  Some people say that the new vocational education is the "new blue ocean" of social schooling institutions, but in the opinion of Wu Chunsheng, the RPO project manager of Zhaolian Recruitment: Iceberg."

  Teachers in new professions are more expensive than gold

  "What professional abilities does the teacher need to train an anchor?" After changing his confident appearance when recommending beauty products in the live broadcast room, Han Xiaoxian thought for a long time, but couldn't find the answer.

She confessed that in the current market environment, she would question the rationality of this training teacher.

  Internet marketing has entered a new stage of vertical segmentation. The anchors can no longer please fans by acting cute and humming, let alone bring traffic.

In Han Xiaoxian's view, training teachers should have a wealth of live broadcast experience, aesthetic skills in copywriting, public relations experience in investment selection, and traffic support for platform operations on the basis of good language expression skills.

She told reporters: "What makes me unable to imagine is why people with these abilities would not enter the anchor room with a monthly income of one million yuan and choose to be a teacher in a private training institution."

  The lack of teachers is not only the preparatory "Internet celebrity anchors", but also the classrooms for new vocational training such as digital operators, secret room designers, receptionists, and online learning service teachers.

In the past few days, Wu Chunsheng, who has been engaged in vocational education in private training institutions for 6 years, has been worrying about opening these new training courses.

According to him, the cost of hiring teachers in these new industries is on average 5 to 20 times higher than in traditional industries.

"The teacher of a new profession is more expensive than gold." He quipped, "There should be a new profession called'new professional training teacher'."

  "The new business format was born due to the strong market demand, and it is still in the growth stage of the industry with a shortage of talents. The fast-growing industry in a short period of time lacks systematic theoretical support and abundant talent accumulation. The lack of teachers is a necessity." In Wu Chunsheng's view, for social training institutions, the training gap needs to be filled by time and the flow of people and logistics within the industry.

Compared with public institutions, private training institutions are more sensitive to the market, and the strong demand of the training market will become the driving force for private training institutions to accelerate the flow of this system in the future.


  Wu Chunsheng obviously has no patience to stay stuck in the school, waiting for the new teacher to appear.

Last month, he found two new anchors on the local live broadcast network, and spent 30,000 yuan to help them sign up for etiquette, makeup, and video shooting courses in Shanghai and Beijing respectively. He looks forward to training new careers by himself New teacher.

  Can't keep people, someone will leave the handout without warming up

  "This is a besieged city with low entry barriers and difficult exits." This is the insight that Wu Huan, the co-founder of the private education institution "Art Class", gained during the epidemic.

  Wu Huan told reporters that from February to May this year, the number of users who signed up for online learning courses operated by the new media of "Art Classroom" increased by 10,000.

At the busiest time, the online learning service teacher in the institution has to teach 500 students at the same time.

In March of this year, the "vocational classroom" opened more than 50 new media operation professional teacher positions, and the basic salary of newly recruited employees can reach 5,500 to 6,000 yuan.

  According to Wu Huan, the entry threshold for online learning service teachers is not high. For fresh graduates or students who have graduated for one or two years, it only takes one week to arrive with the help of the institution’s existing teaching materials and training resources. A simple training of a month or so can be competent, but the salary level is much higher than that of professional teachers who have taught in many local public schools for many years.

In his opinion, this is the reason for the hot registration after the job opening.

  But by the end of September, many new teachers had not covered their handouts, and some chose to leave. The number of teachers specializing in new media operations reached 37.

"Art Class" is also facing the problem of "cannot retain teachers" like many private teaching institutions. The turnover rate of teachers in the new vocational teaching department is much higher than that of traditional electrician and fitter training programs.

  "Everyone says that there is a'ceiling' for the professional development of teachers in private teaching institutions, but for teachers engaged in new vocational education, the tangible'ceiling' has become an invisible wall." In Wu Huan's view, because of the lack of systematic theory To support and complete the recognition mechanism of professional competence levels, it is difficult for teachers engaged in new vocational education to obtain the growth of academic competence, let alone obtain promotion of professional qualification levels.

The lack of room for growth and the lack of "establishment" guarantees like public schools are the reasons why private institutions engaged in new vocational education cannot retain teachers.

He appealed: "It is necessary to set up an upward ladder for teachers engaged in new vocational education."

  Confidence crisis under chaos

  "Because I have no experience, I searched the Internet for training courses for grid operators, and picked an 89 yuan one with a total of 30 lessons. After watching a few sessions, I found that the things taught in the video are not useful at all. ." Lin Xiang, a grid member of Longfeng Community in Fuzhou City, talked to reporters about his failed "online shopping experience".

  The first result that popped up when searching for "Fujian Live Training" on Baidu was a private organization called "Internet Celebrity Training" in Fuzhou. When a reporter came to the store to consult a three-day training course priced at 2,890 yuan, the customer service claimed that the course teacher Hundreds of anchors have been trained, and they can also provide trainees with services such as checking orders, brushing powder, and checking traffic.

But when asked about the specific course content and live broadcast case, this customer service was hesitant to answer.

  According to the data from Tianyan Check, there are as many as 263 enterprises associated with the live training business in Fujian, but there are only less than 3 live training institutions registered on the local human society vocational training platform.

  The online celebrity tutorials of "Rotten Street" turned into "professional" textbooks, and the live broadcast rookies of "zero fans" turned into veteran celebrities with tens of millions of traffic...Fujian Thinking specializing in online celebrity incubation, artist brokerage, and Internet content production Wu Yongrong, founder of Kai Culture Media Co., Ltd., said, "Including Internet celebrity training, the chaos in the new vocational education market can easily trigger a crisis of trust and increase the cost of customer acquisition for private training institutions."

  Wu Chunsheng said: "The new vocational education is also a brand new market, and private teaching institutions will inevitably experience the survival of the fittest in the new vocational education field. Only by facing the depression can we find a longer course and path in this sea area."

  Li Runzhao