The choice of the emirate as the headquarters for the billionaire company reflects its position as a start-up center

The merger of "Homes and Dubizzle" opens its new headquarters in the Dubai Design District

  • Dubai supports the startup sector to help it grow both locally and regionally.

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Bayut and Dubizzle launched the first billion-dollar companies specializing in the emerging technology sector, resulting from the merger of two companies that originated in the UAE, yesterday, its new headquarters officially in the Dubai Design District, in a step that confirms Dubai's position as an incubator for talented people and a global destination for investment and innovation, and a home for startups. World leader.

Integration of operations

Emerging Markets Property Group, the owner of the Dubai-based Bayut platform, and the OLX Group, which owns the Dubizzle platform, announced the merging of their operations in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, to form a billion-billion-dollar company with a market value. Up to 3.6 billion dirhams (about one billion US dollars), and as a result of this deal, EMG will manage the two platforms, Dubizzle and Bayut, in the UAE, in addition to its global platforms, such as Zamin in Pakistan, and “ B Property ”in Bangladesh,“ Mubaweb ”in Morocco and Tunisia, and“ Kaede ”in Thailand.

All of these assets are owned by the EMPG Group, in addition to Dubizzle. This merger also included the brands of the OLX Group in Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, and many countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, to be added to the EM Group. BJ ».

The new headquarters

The Executive Director of Dubai Internet City, Ammar Al-Malik, congratulated Bayut and Dubizzle on the opening of the new headquarters after the merger, stressing that the supportive environment provided by Dubai and the business-friendly climate enhance its attractiveness as a first destination for various economic activities, especially the one that relies heavily on the technological infrastructure that has surpassed Dubai to provide.

He said, “The merger of the two companies (Dubizzle) and (Bayut) earlier this year showed the enormous potential of technology companies, with the establishment of the local company (Unicorn), and the two platforms started in Dubai Internet City as two start-ups, and their merger was not limited to Establishing a pioneering digital real estate platform not only, but this showed the great opportunities that the technology and innovation system in Dubai can provide.

Dubai design

For her part, Executive Director of Dubai Design District, Khadija Al Bastaki, said: “The Dubai Design District community includes a group of the most prominent local and international architects and interior designers who have contributed to the implementation of many distinguished real estate projects in Dubai. Therefore, Dubai Design District is the ideal location for the (Bayut) office. And dubizzle) jointly, through the great opportunities it offers for cooperation and creativity, and the collective contribution to translating the vision of the UAE, and enhancing its trends in the field of knowledge-based economy.

In turn, the head of the EMPG Group in the Middle East and North Africa, the CEO of the two platforms, "Bayut" and "Dubizzle", Haider Ali Khan, expressed his happiness with this step and his confidence in achieving more achievements during the next stage, and said: “The opening of the headquarters constitutes The new thing is a special moment for all of us in (eMPG) (Bayut and Dubizzle) that would not have been possible without the great support provided by the Emirate of Dubai to the emerging companies sector, to help them grow and expand at the local and regional levels, which was reflected in the emirate’s reputation as a global destination for attracting talent and investments. And innovation ».


Head of EMPG Group in the Middle East and North Africa, CEO of the two platforms, “Bayut” and “Dubizzle”, Haider Ali Khan, said: “Our new joint headquarters, in the Dubai Design District, will contribute to providing better service to our customers, raising levels of efficiency, in addition to "To enhance the investment expansion strategies that they have started, to provide our services to more commercial sectors through the platforms that we manage from our headquarters in Dubai."

Ammar the owner:

"The business-friendly climate in Dubai enhances its attractiveness as a prime destination for economic activities."

Khadija Al Bastaki:

"Dubai Design District reinforces the UAE's approach to knowledge-based economy."

The deal establishes Dubai as a leading global destination for talent and startups.

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