Mobile phone market Is it a fair competitive environment? The Fair Trade Commission begins a fact-finding survey October 28, 16:01

As companies are launching new rate plans one after another over mobile phone charges, the Fair Trade Commission has asked mobile phones whether the data connection charges that cheap smartphone companies have to pay to major mobile phone companies are unreasonably high. We have embarked on a fact-finding survey on whether the market is in a fair competitive environment.

Regarding mobile phones, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has announced an "action plan" that includes policies that encourage competition among companies to reduce charges, and each company is also announcing new rate plans one after another.

Against this backdrop, the Japan Fair Trade Commission has begun investigating whether the mobile phone market is in a fair competitive environment.

According to the survey, cheap smartphone companies will investigate whether the data connection fee that a major mobile phone company has to pay is unreasonably high, and whether the distribution of used smartphones is hindered.

Fair In Trade Commission conducted a survey through questionnaires of hearing or consumer to a mobile phone company, we decided to compile a report to the prospect of the next spring.

Shuichi Sugahisa, Secretary-General of the Japan Fair Trade Commission, said, "We hope that each company will compete to think about what consumers want by creating a fair competitive environment, and that affordable prices and convenient services will emerge. I have. "