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government and the ruling party are expected to push forward a plan to raise the official price of apartments in multi-family houses to 90% of the market price in 10 years.

We are also considering a plan to reduce the increasing tax burden to only one homeowner.

This is reporter Je Hee-won.

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realization rate, which indicates what percentage of the market price, is the listed real estate price varies by house type and price range.

This year, 53.6% of single-family homes and 69% of apartments and other apartments.

This is why it has been criticized for not properly reflecting the value of real estate and against equity.

The Korea Institute of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has proposed three targets for the rate of actualization of the published prices: 80, 90 and 100%.

The second of these, the ruling party, is putting weight on a plan to set it to 90% of the market price.

[Han Jeong-ae / Chairman of the Democratic Party's Policy Committee: This is a long roadmap that aims to set the official land price up to 90% of the market price by 2030.]

Based on the market price of 900 million won, the speed of realization of the official price is different.

Based on the second most promising plan, the 90% realization rate, houses with a current realization rate of 68% and less than 900 million won have gone through an adjustment period to gradually increase the realization rate for three years, and then raised about 3 percentage points every year from 2024. Raise it to 90% in 2030.

For more than 900 million won, the actualization rate will increase by 3 percentage points starting next year.

Since the rate of realization between 900 million and 1.5 billion won is lower than over 1.5 billion won this year, the quoted price between 900 million and 1.5 billion won in 2027 and over 1.5 billion won in 2025, which preceded it, is at the level of 90% of the market price. Loses.

The published price of real estate is a standard indicator of 60 or so taxes such as property tax and health insurance and welfare supply and demand, so the higher the realization rate, the more people with real estate may face increased burdens.