Qatar: Passengers forced to undergo gynecological examinations at Doha airport

On October 2, female passengers disembarking from a plane underwent forced gynecological examinations at Doha International Airport.

A prematurely born baby was found in the airport washroom and apparently the mother was identified.

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On October 2, female passengers disembarking from a plane underwent forced gynecological examinations at Doha International Airport in Qatar.

It is the discovery of a baby born prematurely in the toilets of the airport which is at the origin of the incident, it was apparently to try to identify the mother of this child.

The passengers concerned were of various nationalities, including Australians.

The Australian Foreign Minister speaks of "extremely disturbing and shocking" events. 


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This Friday, October 2, the passengers of

Qatar Airways

flight 908 are

surprised because it has been more than three hours since they boarded this plane bound for Sydney in Australia and there is still no take-off.

Austrian lawyer Wolfgang Babeck was one of the 42 passengers: “ 

We learned that this did not only concern our plane, but that the entire airport was closed.

We were informed that the women were to get off the aircraft.

As soon as the women left the plane, security guards boarded the plane and searched it to make sure no one was hiding there.

About half an hour later, the women were back on board and it turned out that something horrible had happened as they were all extremely upset and very shocked.

One of the women was crying and many others couldn't even believe it had happened

 . ”

The identity of the baby's mother still unknown 

The passengers, of different nationalities, say they had to undress to undergo a gynecological examination.

According to lawyer Wolfgang Babeck, the women were escorted inside the terminal where, in the basement, they were presented to a female doctor who performed the examination to determine whether one of the passengers had come from there. 'give birth.

We do not know the exact number of planes and therefore of passengers affected by these events of October 2.

The authorities at Doha airport assure that the operation was aimed at helping the mother who had just given birth, but she has not been identified.

The baby is in good health.

According to the Australian Foreign Minister, the publication by Qatar of a report on this incident is " 




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