The German aviation group Lufthansa will put as many business units as possible into hibernation from mid-December, CEO Carsten Spohr writes in a letter to the staff.

Lufthansa is thus responding to the ever-declining demand for air travel.

Last week, the International Airlines Group (IAG) of British Airways and Vueling announced that it will be deploying far fewer aircraft this winter for the same reason.

"It is inevitable to reduce capacity even further in the winter season and to hibernate as many divisions as possible from mid-December," Spohr writes.

This winter, when the aviation winter season begins in November, Lufthansa will ground an additional 125 aircraft over the previous schedule.

Compared to last year, about a quarter of the fleet is deployed.

The staff will also work fewer hours.

In addition to Lufthansa, the airlines Eurowings, Swiss, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines are also part of the Lufthansa Group.