At ABN AMRO, negative interest is charged from 1 January to customers who have more than 500,000 euros in their bank accounts.

Above that threshold, both private and business customers pay an interest of 0.5 percent, the bank reports Monday.

At the moment ABN AMRO charges negative interest rates for assets from 2.5 million euros.

At the new limit, about 2 percent of customers have to pay the negative interest.

ABN AMRO is not the only bank that is lowering the limit for negative interest rates.

At the end of last month, Rabobank announced that customers must pay negative interest if they have more than 250,000 euros in their account.

The same limit applies at ING.

Yet there is a big difference between the banks.

At both Rabobank and ING, the negative rate is calculated per account, so customers are allowed to have multiple accounts with a quarter of a million euros on them without paying the negative interest.

ABN AMRO adds up the assets in multiple bank accounts.

Last year, ABN AMRO was the first of the major banks to announce that it would reduce the interest on savings to 2.5 million euros to 0 percent, and charge interest above that.

The other banks followed suit.

The amount from when no or negative interest applies varies per bank.