• Budgets: The Government will also raise public salaries by 0.9% and officials will not notice the crisis in their salaries

The agreement between PSOE and United We Can to carry out a draft of the

Budgets for 2021 is stuck


Despite the fact that Pedro Sánchez announced to the regional presidents that the draft will go to the Council of Ministers for approval on Tuesday, United We can clarify the Prime Minister: "

There is no agreement yet


The purple ones ask for improvements in the minimum vital income and the regulation of the rent as political measures that accompany the public accounts.

And there is the wall between the partners.

And from United We Can launch an ordeal: if they do not agree they would not support the draft Budgets.

With no rest during the weekend, the negotiation rushes to the end.

On the part of United We Can, Nacho Álvarez pushes to

improve the processing and access to the minimum vital income

- with the proposal that a responsible declaration was sufficient guarantee - and Ione Belarra defends the

regulation of rent

, a measure shared by the rest of partners of the PSOE.

In the conversations, the PSOE has proposed to study this regulation in the future Housing Law prepared by the ministry of José Luis Ábalos, in order to accelerate this regulation, but the purple ones ask for a series of requirements that do not yet there is consensus between the two partners.

These are political and not economic measures,

but that United We can consider key to accompany public accounts


They consider that they are crucial in the Government's roadmap, due to their social significance, and that, in addition, they would facilitate the support of the investiture bloc, the only support contemplated by the Churches party.

Without these measures, during the afternoon of this Monday, in United We Can without bluntness:

the draft Budget cannot go to the Council of Ministers because, they defend, they would not support it


A sort of order from Iglesias to Sánchez and the Government of which he is part.

The budget draft as such, the numbers, would be closed, with important assignments by United We Can, which has ended up bending its arm before the PSOE, Iglesias would not be willing to give in on the political part that he wants to accompany the Budgets.

Hence the affirmation of the purple ones: "An agreement has not yet been closed to bring the Council of Ministers tomorrow."

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