Iraq: one year after the October revolt, new demonstration on Tahrir Square in Baghdad

Protesters celebrate the first anniversary of the anti-government protest October 25, 2020 in Baghdad, Iraq.

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Thousands of demonstrators gathered once again in Tahrir Square in Baghdad on October 25, a year after the October uprising.

For them, nothing has changed in a year.

They demand the dissolution of Parliament and an overhaul of the political system.

At midday, clashes erupted and around 50 police and protesters were slightly injured.


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With our correspondent in Baghdad, 

Lucile Wassermann

In Baghdad, Tahrir Square has rediscovered its air of revolt.

Thousands of people marched all day this Sunday, October 25, Iraqi flag in hand, to vindicate a power unable to provide them with basic services.

 We are here because we demand justice for the protesters who were killed last year. 

So far we haven't seen anyone charged with these crimes, none of the politicians have said anything.

This government, the government of al-Kadhimi, has done nothing, it has done nothing for the Iraqi people 

, ”protests Ra'ad, in his thirties, with a cap on his head.

But as protesters dance and sing throughout the morning, clashes erupt on adjacent bridges at midday.

Only a few barricades then separated the police from the angry demonstrators.

Mohammed is one of them.


We know that we may be martyrs



First, they used tear gas,” he 


Then they used water cannons, hot water, not cold water.

And they hurt some people on the bridge.


In front of the security forces, the demonstrators throw stones and Molotov cocktails, even if it means inflaming the situation.

Right now we're trying to reach the last barricade on the bridge," 

explains Karar, in his twenties.

We know that when we left our house this morning we might not be back.

We know that we may be martyrs.


More than

600 protesters were killed

last year.

But these Iraqis say they are more determined than ever to " 

obtain their rights, and find their country



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