Hackers use a fake version of "Netflix" in Arabic to phishing

Researchers at Kaspersky Cybersecurity Systems recently discovered a range of phishing attacks that exploit a malicious website disguised as the Arabic-language Netflix page as a deceptive destination for use in cyber piracy.

Tatyana Sherbakova, a security researcher at Kaspersky, confirmed that personal information and access data to digital accounts are now "the most valuable digital product."

She said that it is possible to guess the ways in which the fraudsters will exploit the login data for "Netflix" accounts that they collect through such attacks, indicating that they are harmful and disruptive. "

She added that "this data can be sold through the dark Internet if the user has a prepaid subscription, or used later to add credibility to malicious schemes via e-mail, such as asking users to pay money for account recovery, and even extortion. Also, when the login data is. It is the same as the logins for other important accounts. Criminals may hack social media accounts or emails, and possibly bank accounts. That is why we always recommend using different passwords for different services, and adopting the two-factor authentication method.

It is noteworthy that "Netflix" has a number of measures in place to protect user accounts, including a dedicated support page that helps identify and deal with suspicious communications.

Kaspersky recommended a number of steps to avoid falling victim to phishing attempts that hide behind the form of electronic platforms, the most prominent of which is the necessity to always verify the web addresses contained in unknown or unexpected messages, whether it is the web address of the site to which the user is directed, or the link address in The message, or even the sender's email address, in order to ensure its authenticity and that the link in the email does not cover another link.

And she advocated that you should avoid entering login data when you are not sure that the website is real.

If this is done on a fake page, the password should be changed immediately, and you should contact your bank or any payment service provider if you suspect that the card details have been compromised.

She indicated the importance of making sure to use strong and different passwords for each account, and adopting the two-factor authentication method.

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