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People in Huaqiangbei knew that iPhone12 "scented or not".

  In Huaqiangbei Longsheng Mobile Phone·Accessories Wholesale Center, there is a small shop named Li Hai, whose business mainly focuses on wholesale mobile phone cases.

  In the shop of less than 15 square meters, there are all kinds of mobile phone cases. There are also a row of shelves in the middle of the store, and the shelves are full of colorful mobile phone cases.

The latest iPhone12 series mobile phone cases are hung on the pillars on both sides of the store door, so you can easily see them without going into the store.

  Ms. Jiang runs a wholesale steel film stall in the accessories wholesale center.

She revealed to a reporter from China Business News that as market news is relatively well-informed, after knowing the size of the tempered film, they began to produce and stock up.

In early July, Ms. Jiang posted pictures of the iPhone 12 series of tempered film on her WeChat Moments; on October 23, Ms. Jiang said in the circle of friends, "The iPhone 12 tempered film has been affixed to the real device, the data is correct, and it can be sold with confidence." .

  Apple’s mobile phones are newly launched in the fall, and the popular scene of consumers rushing to buy has reappeared, and Shenzhen Huaqiangbei, which is rich in mobile phone peripheral products, has also seen a surge in orders.

  On October 23, iPhone12 officially went on sale. Online bookings were full, long queues in physical stores were "rushed to buy", and scalpers appeared again across the country.

At the same time, peripheral products of the iPhone12 series are also keeping up with the pace and speeding up the market.

  Last weekend, CBN reporters visited the Huaqiangbei Longsheng Mobile Phone·Accessories Wholesale Center on the day when the iPhone 12 went on sale (23rd). The tempered films, phone cases, and lens stickers of iPhone12, iPhone12Mini, iPhone12Pro and iPhone12ProMax have already entered the market in large numbers. Corresponding products are available at all wholesale stalls.

Sales of Apple peripheral products are booming

  Although Apple’s new product launches continue to be met with complaints from netizens, under the dual stimulation of 5G speed-up and phone replacement demand, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro already on sale are very popular.

  Take JD.com as an example. As of 18:00 on October 16th, the total number of reservations on the JD.com platform increased by 31% compared to last year. Among them, the iPhone 12 was sought after, with a single booking of 850,000 units, an increase of 47% over last year's iPhone 11 (580,000 units).

  Upstream manufacturers are in full swing, and downstream mobile phone accessory manufacturers have also started a new round of preparations.

Some manufacturers have started the research and development of new products on the protective film, tempered film, lens film, etc. around the iPhone12 series, and launched a full set of protective film, tempered film, lens film, watch film, iPad film and other products including iPhone12.

  Li Hai told China Business News that his mobile phone cases are all designed and produced in his own factory, so the price is very advantageous.

As for the iPhone 12, Li Haijia currently only produces a black phone case, and the wholesale price is only about two yuan.

Li Hai said that they will also produce some customized mobile phone cases according to customer needs.

  Ms. Jiang, who has entered the tempered film wholesale industry a long time ago, has her own set of judgments on the research and development, production, and listing of mobile phone tempered films.

  Ms. Jiang has a shop with a size of 10 square meters on the first floor of Longsheng Wholesale Center. There is a tall glass cabinet at the entrance of the shop. Various types of tempered films are stacked inside the counter, and different types of tempered films are placed outside the counter. Lined up, passers-by can see their main tempered film category at a glance.

  CBN reporters saw at the scene that there are dust-proof high-definition, dust-proof purple light, dust-proof and peep-proof, dust-proof green light, two strong green light, two strong anti-peep, dustproof matte, green light high-definition, high aluminum white There are various types of tempered films with different functions.

  Regarding the newly launched iPhone12 tempered film, Ms. Jiang said that the price is similar to that of other models of mobile phone film, mainly because of the difference in material and price.

  Taking the most common high-aluminum white sheet tempered film as an example, the general merchants take hundreds of sheets at a time, and the price is about 1 yuan per sheet.

As for dust-proof and anti-peeping tempered film, Ms. Jiang said that the wholesale price is 4.3 yuan per piece, depending on the production situation on the day and the quantity of the goods received by the customer.

  In addition to having a shop in Huaqiangbei, her family also has a stronger production power-a tempered film production plant, which is constantly operating in Dongguan to support market demand.

Ms. Jiang told CBN reporters that "front store and back factory" is a common model for their wholesalers. In the past, the factory could still be opened in Shenzhen. Later, as the industrial chain changed, they went to Dongguan and other cities around Shenzhen.

  Since the second half of this year, the market has successively received news of Apple's new series of mobile phones. Ms. Jiang said that she is also constantly inquiring about the news and is also preparing in advance for the raw materials for the production of tempered film.

After the new product was released, their products were fully applicable after being matched with the original models, and the number of market sales was raised all at once.

  With the launch of new iPhone12 products, the sales of tempered film have also entered an explosive stage these days.

On the afternoon of October 25, a customer asked Ms. Jiang if she could send 1,000 pieces of anti-peep tempered film on the same day.

After checking the inventory, Ms. Jiang found that it could only be shipped tomorrow at the earliest.

  Ms. Jiang said that the iPhone 12 tempered film has been shipped very much these days, and there are many who come to the store to get the goods and place orders online.

According to Ms. Jiang, her own factory can produce 20,000 to 30,000 tempered films a day.

In addition to the Apple series, various brands of mobile phone tempered film will be supplied, and these days the firepower is concentrated on the production of iPhone12 tempered film.

The Huaqiangbei industrial chain continues to strengthen

  Analysts believe that due to Apple’s 12-series new phone pricing is lower than market expectations, and the product line is relatively comprehensive, this rotation cycle will be a “super cycle”. Among the current stock iPhone users with more than 1 billion, hold 2017 and The iPhone users of earlier models accounted for 72%, and these users are potential replacement groups for the new iPhone.

  Smart phones have gradually developed and grown, and terminal accessories such as mobile phone cases, films, chargers, and brackets have already formed a mature industrial chain.

  At the end of August, the "first share of mobile phone case" Jemite landed in A shares (300868.SZ) and became one of the first listed companies under the GEM registration system.

According to reports, Jemet's 2019 operating income was 829 million yuan, net profit attributable to the parent was 131 million yuan, and the weighted average return on equity was as high as 29.62%.

  At present, there are nearly 10,000 mobile phone case-related companies in my country.

According to data from Qixinbao, Guangdong Province ranks first with 5,991 related companies, far ahead of other provinces. Among them, Shenzhen has 4,940 related companies, accounting for about half of the country.

  Although this industry has a low threshold, it is not all low-end, non-technical products.

Statistics show that from 2018 to 2019, the number of industry IP applications has exceeded 2500 for two consecutive years.

  Whenever a new mobile phone is launched, Huaqiangbei can always produce suitable electronic accessories in the first time.

  One of the major innovations of iPhone 12 is the support of MagSafe technology, which can be done by magnetic attraction, whether it is installing a mobile phone case or wireless charging.

Although MagSafe is dazzling, it is expensive.

According to Apple's official website in Chinese, a MagSafe charger sells for 329 yuan, and a MagSafe phone case is asking for 399 yuan.

  "Huaqiangbei has already cracked Magsafe, but most of this cracking is done by small and medium-sized factories." Some netizens broke the news recently.

  "The price of mobile phone cases with coils has dropped to several tens of yuan." An entrepreneur in the Shenzhen hardware industry told China Business News. "And with the expansion of Apple's product line, (new styles) of mobile phone cases will have Great market demand."

  The above-mentioned industry insiders said to a reporter from China Business News: "Apple and its unique system can change the user's habits. Driven by the Apple iPhone12, mobile phone peripheral products will usher in a new round of development, including wireless coils and wireless charging. The cost of products such as mobile phone cases and smart headsets has further dropped."

  CBN reporters inquired about publicly available information on the Internet and found that companies including Benks, Bikos Electronics, Blue Shore Communications, Jieke Electronics, etc. all have smart hardware for Apple-related products.

  As night fell, in Huaqiangbei’s space of less than 2 square kilometers, merchants carrying large black bags at various stalls kept asking for information about the goods; on the road, couriers, takeaways, pedestrians, and cars Crowded and orderly traffic; and Ms. Jiang is constantly labeling the newly arrived tempered film packaging bags; Li Hai is packing the goods in the shop... Huaqiangbei is busy and full of vigor.

  Song Ding, a senior researcher at the national high-end think tank and the China Comprehensive Development Research Institute, said in an interview with a reporter from China Business News that after so many years of strategic adjustments, Huaqiangbei's current overall operations are gradually developing in a standardized direction.

Although there are still some problems in the electronics industry chain, the original so-called copycat products have shrunk greatly.

  "Especially the current Huaqiangbei industrial chain is becoming more and more clear. With Huaqiangbei as the window, there are strong manufacturing industries in Shenzhen and Dongguan behind it." Song Ding believes that "this huge electronic product manufacturing chain is still the most powerful in the world. The manufacturing chain has become a huge advantage for Huaqiangbei’s development."

  At the same time, Song Ding pointed out that Huaqiangbei's entire products are still dominated by processing and foundry, and relatively lack more products with independent intellectual property rights. They are at the middle end of the global electronic product industry chain and need to be improved.

In addition, Huaqiangbei's industrial chain is also undergoing changes, and the expansion of diversified varieties is also a good trend.