Palestinians struggling over Israeli diplomatic normalization strategy

Fighters from the Palestinian Jihad Islamic group burn American and Israeli flags during an anti-Israel demonstration in the southern Gaza Strip on October 10, 2020. REUTERS / Suhaib Salem

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While Sudan is the third Arab country in just over two months to pave the way for establishing diplomatic relations with Israel, the Palestinian leadership appears to be struggling to find a strategy to counter this move.


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With our correspondent in Jerusalem

, Guilhem Delteil

When the

United Arab Emirates announced their agreement with Israel in mid-August

, the Palestinian leadership denounced a " 


of Jerusalem and the Palestinian cause

 ", highlighting the fate of Islam's third holy city.

This time around, the

Palestinian reaction has been less virulent


In a statement, the presidency said " 


 " and " 


 " this normalization, judging that a " 

just peace (...) must lead to the end of the Israeli occupation


With this condemnation, the Palestinian leadership reiterates its position but refrains from overly direct criticism of Sudan.

In his eyes, the Khartoum regime, which avoided any enthusiasm on Friday,

was forced to this recognition of Israel by the Trump administration

in exchange

for the withdrawal of Sudan from the list of states supporting terrorism



But this less firm condemnation also reflects the dismay of the Palestinian leaders.

In just over two months,

three countries

, heavily encouraged by the Trump administration, have turned away from Arab League decisions.

These developments have been welcomed by other states in the region.

And so far, the Palestinians have not even got the regional organization to meet to discuss this new deal.

Now the Palestinian leadership is awaiting

the outcome of the US elections


She places her hopes in an alternation in the White House: in her eyes, a Biden administration would be more inclined to resume a peace process on the basis of a negotiation and not of what it considers to be an attempt to impose new settings.

But Prime Minister Mohamed Shtayyeh estimated this week that in the event of Donald Trump's re-election, " 

God will have to help us



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