my country's pork supply increases, prices or steady decline

  News from our newspaper (Reporter Sun Xibao) my country is a big pork consumer, and the price of pork is related to the food basket of the people.

Recently, the reporter learned from the press conference of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that with the continuous increase in pork supply in my country, pork prices are gradually falling. It is expected that the price of pork will generally be lower than the previous year during the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival next year. The same period.

  According to Chen Guanghua, deputy director of the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, since September this year, pork prices on the Chinese market have fallen for seven consecutive weeks, and there has been no general price increase during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day in previous years.

In the national market last week, the price of pork has dropped to 50.56 yuan per kilogram, which is more than 9 yuan lower than the highest price in mid-February this year.

The price of pork is dropping from a high level.

  Chen Guanghua believes that the emergence of this situation is mainly due to the continuous recovery of pig production across the country and the high enthusiasm of pig farmers to make up for slaughter.

According to the monitoring of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, by the end of September this year, the stock of reproductive sows in my country has increased for 12 consecutive months, and the stock of live pigs has also increased for 8 consecutive months. Especially in June and July this year, the stock of reproductive sows and pigs has increased. The year-on-year growth has been achieved successively, which has also become an important turning point for the recovery of pig production this year.

By the end of September, my country's reproductive sows increased by 28% year-on-year, and the pig stock increased by 20.7% year-on-year.

  "Following this trend, we are confident that we will achieve the goal of basically restoring the annual pig production capacity to a level close to normal," said Chen Guanghua.

It is precisely because of the continuous recovery and growth of live pig stocks that the pork market as a whole shows a trend of improved supply and fluctuating prices.

In addition, my country’s imported pork is also increasing, and the supply has increased to a certain extent. From January to September this year, a total of 3.286 million tons of pork was imported, a year-on-year increase of 132.2%. The entry of these pork also played a significant role in stabilizing pork prices. Great effect.

  In Chen Guanghua’s view, whether pork prices can continue to fall is very likely: “The pork supply situation will get better and better in the future. During the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival next year, pork supply is expected to increase by about 30% year-on-year. Prices will generally be lower than the same period of the previous year, and there will be no more substantial price increases."

  However, Chen Guanghua also pointed out that the stability of pork prices is also affected by the control of the African swine fever epidemic.

Since the beginning of this year, my country has reported 18 African swine fever outbreaks in 9 provinces.

Although my country’s normalized epidemic prevention system has been established, it must be noted that the African swine fever virus has been colonized in my country, and the pollution area is relatively large, and the risk of outbreak and spread of the epidemic has further increased. If the epidemic prevention measures are not implemented in place, no Rule out regional epidemics.

"Affect or even block the production of live pigs to speed up the recovery process."

  Sun Xibao